The Founders Behind Minotaur Trading Systems, Kosta Ouzas and Sebastian Raffaele

In the heart of Byron Bay, Australia, a change in the Finance Industry is taking shape. Minotaur Trading Systems, led by CEO Kosta Ouzas and CTO Sebastian Raffaele, is not just another startup; it’s a manifestation of their unique approach and leadership. Their journey from diverse backgrounds to creating advanced algorithmic trading strategies is a story worth telling.

Kosta Ouzas, the CEO has a background in filmmaking, he sees business as a deeply creative process. To most people, business is about sales and numbers. To me, it’s about creating something that provides value and survives in the marketplace.” he explains. This artistic approach to business has been a cornerstone of their success.

Growing up, Kosta was inspired by his father, a successful entrepreneur, who instilled in him a strong work ethic and the beauty of building something that lasts. “My father, now in his 80s, still works most days. His dedication keeps his mind sharp and his body strong”. Ouzas reflects. This familial influence has shaped Kosta’s philosophy of blending creativity with practicality, a balance that has propelled Minotaur Trading Systems to be what it is today.

Kosta’s passion for traveling, and his desire to build a brand that transcends borders have also played a significant role in Minotaur’s international ambitions. “We wanted to create a product that allows anybody to participate in the emerging sector of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology,” he says. This vision of inclusivity and accessibility has been fundamental to our mission.

On the other hand, Sebastian Raffaele, Chief Technology Officer brings a compelling story of resilience and determination. Raised in a working-class Italian family, Sebastian’s journey to the top was anything but easy. His early years were spent working low-paying jobs as a commercial printer, but his passion for finance and technology drove him to pursue a different path.

Sebastian’s foray into the world of finance began in 2014. By 2020 his expertise in automation trading and risk management had caught the attention of several startups in the finance sector. “Watching my single mother work her fingers to the bone instilled a special kind of work ethic in me”, Sebastian shares. This relentless drive eventually led him to co-found the company with Kosta in 2022.

His rise from a regular shift worker to CTO of a seven-figure enterprise within 24 months is a testament to his tenancy and vision. “My upbringing taught me to think outside the box, chase my passion and take risks,” Raffaele says. His leadership focuses on creating sustainable algorithms that prioritize longevity and risk management over quick volatile returns.

Together, Kosta and Sebastian shared a vision of disrupting traditional trading models with advanced technology that has guided the company’s growth. “Building a team is about creating trust. Once you have trust, you have loyalty, and then the wheels continue to turn.” Kosta explains.

This philosophy extends to their approach to client relationships. Education and communication are paramount in helping clients understand the sophisticated mechanisms behind their systems. Kosta and Sebastian’s stories of creativity, resilience and vision are integral to the company’s identity. As they continue to explore the possibilities in the industry, their focus remains on sustainability and long-term success. With plans for global expansion and a commitment to continuous innovation, Kosta & Sebastian is committed to becoming a leading authority in the world of finance.