The Inspiring Journey of Stéph & Shay: Transforming Lives Through Resilience Coaching

Discover the incredible story of Stéph & Shay, the #1 International Bestselling Authors of “Master Your Mindpower” and the world’s leading resilience coaches. With their unique,  scientific approach to resilience coaching, this power couple is revolutionizing the way we think about mental toughness and emotional resilience, positively impacting millions of lives. Based on their journey of mastering their mindpower and over a decade of study into the minds of high performers such as Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Tom Brady, the late Kobe Bryant, and many more, they have created a program that has already affected thousands of people around the world. Here’s their story.

Overcoming Their Own Obstacles First

The journey of Stéph & Shay began as they individually had to sort through their individual personal struggles and triumphs. Stéph, the first person in his Swiss-French family to be born in America, learned the importance of hard work and mindset from his dad who founded a multi-million dollar textile company with just a few thousand dollars. “I started working for my dad when I was 11 years old. I started learning about entrepreneurship and building businesses at a young age.” It was a growing time for Stéph as an entrepreneur who, as he put it, had a dad “whose love language was success, hard work, and precision.” Despite his strong upbringing, Stéph’s world crumbled at 16. “I lost everything. My Dad left on a sabbatical and never returned, my step-mom left, and my girlfriend broke up with me.” Despite his struggle, he found himself in a position to help others. Over the next few years, he would make good money running a lawn mowing business, and he would serve in his school as a leader for others going through trauma and crises. In other words, he was learning to be resilient. By the time he was in his 20s, he had made his first million working within Fortune 500 companies and found himself looking to make a deeper impact based on what he had learned in business and coaching.

Meanwhile, Shay was fighting her own battles. Her twenties looked like the perfect start for a young girl from Reno. Landing her dream job in her dream industry, her life plans were suddenly derailed when she lost her job to the dot com bubble that crashed in the early 2000s. Without work, she found herself on a slippery slope. “I stopped taking care of myself. I started eating and drinking for comfort. My health took a digger.” After gaining 35 pounds and seeing her health decline, Shay came to realize that she needed to turn her life around. “I walked into an MMA Gym and asked the lead trainer if he could make me look like the fitness model [Jamie Eason]…” When the trainer asked her why, she quickly responded, “I want to be more confident and I need help doing this.” During the course of her transformation, she learned what she now teaches others around the world. “It took a lot of mindpower, mental toughness, emotional resilience, and discipline.” Shortly after, she started serving as a fitness model and found herself uniquely positioned to give back to others. Now having unlocked her purpose, she is dedicated to helping others make the mental transformation that she did. 

Becoming The World’s #1 Resilience Coaching Duo and Bestselling Authors

Are twelve years too long to change the world? Because that’s exactly how long it took Stéph & Shay to write their book “Master Your Mindpower.” Fueled by their passion for helping others, Stéph & Shay spent 12 years researching high-performance individuals from various fields, such as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Oprah Winfrey, Navy SEALs plus many more. This extensive research culminated in their Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon bestseller, “Master Your Mindpower.” Their groundbreaking work caught the attention of Apple News, which featured them as the World’s #1 Resilience Coaches. With their expertise, Stéph & Shay established a global multimedia and coaching company, making a significant impact in the lives of over a hundred million people and generating multiple seven figures a year.

Why Their Method Works

Stéph & Shay’s resilience coaching focuses on helping business leaders and high performers increase their mental toughness and emotional resilience. Through their innovative programs, they empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for success. Stéph & Shay’s coaching methodology is centered around three steps: 

  • Knowledge (understanding how the brain works and controlling thoughts), 
  • Skill (practical applications of mindset techniques), and 
  • Attitude (fostering a mindset of possibility and resilience).

Stéph shared that together, the couple’s mission is to change the world, one coaching client at a time. “Our mission, with my partner Shay, is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by helping them increase their mental toughness and emotional resilience. We believe that those who possess these traits are the most successful people in the world, and we’re committed to helping them… Be Resilient.”

To learn more about Stéph & Shay and their life-changing coaching programs, visit their website at Don’t miss the chance to grab a copy of their bestselling book, “Master Your Mindpower,” and embark on your journey towards mastering your mind today!