The Kangaroo Hanger Leads a Revolution in Hanger Innovation and Sustainability

The market is moving towards using sustainable materials in consumer goods production, focusing on reducing plastic use and promoting recyclable and biodegradable options. This shift is in response to the growing environmental concerns and consumer demand for sustainable products.

Joining this advocacy on sustainable consumer goods production is entrepreneur and engineer Angus Willows, who takes initiatives in the hanger industry through its innovative business, Kangaroo. Angus asserts that the Kangaroo Hanger’s story involves innovation, sustainability, and market transformation, bringing a unique yet familiar hanger made from 100% recycled materials to change the 8-10 billion hangers that end up in landfills each year down to zero.

A True Champion of Sustainability

Angus was at the forefront of the sustainability movement even before he launched Kangaroo Hanger. Driven by his environmental passion, he established a Washington-based eco-forward property development company, Arlen Investments. His company takes a vertically integrated approach to property development by financing, manufacturing, and building timeless, yet highly efficient homes. By focusing on minimal maintenance costs and maximising thermal and electrical efficiency, he demonstrated that eco-friendly practices could go hand-in-hand with cutting-edge property development.

From this, Angus broadened his part in the fight for more sustainable options and took to writing a patent for the Kangaroo Hanger in his dorm room while completing his senior year in college as a Mechanical Engineering student. This early endeavor into sustainable business was a clear indication of his dedication to creating environmentally friendly solutions.

Angus shares, “My ambition was to design a product that was not only practical and durable but also environmentally friendly, setting a new standard in an industry fraught with wasteful practices.”

Today, Angus’ commitment to sustainability is recognized globally, with the Kangaroo Hanger holding seven patents across 29 countries. This achievement is not merely a personal milestone for the founder but a significant leap forward for the sustainability movement.

What Kangaroo Hanger is All About

Angus’ vision for Kangaroo Hanger aims to redefine people’s everyday interactions with household items that are both eco-conscious and innovative. The Kangaroo Hanger is the future gold standard of the hanger industry, combining the straightforward functionality of a paperclip with the traditional form of a clothes hanger. With four colours available, this design allows for unparalleled versatility in wardrobe management, enabling users to hang any item securely without needing buttons or additional fasteners.

“Imagine never having to button a shirt around a hanger again. With our multipurpose non-slip design, you clip it, and it stays. It’s that simple,” Willows adds, highlighting the ease and efficiency the Kangaroo Hanger brings to daily routines.

Moreover, the Kangaroo Hanger’s heavy-duty characteristic challenges the fragility often associated with eco-friendly products. Crafted from snap-resistant, high-strength, 100% recycled materials, it promises durability and reliability, even for the heaviest jackets. He engineered a hanger that stands the test of time, combining guilt-free, heavy-duty functionality with environmental responsibility.

“Every hanger we produce is a step towards a more sustainable future. We are not a big company but just an inventor wanting to make a better hanger,” Angus remarks. “By choosing Kangaroo Hanger, consumers not only organise their wardrobes but also join a movement towards a more sustainable and thoughtful way of living.”

The Innovator’s Hopeful Leap

Angus has strategically built Kangaroo to become a future leader in the hanger industry. However, the founder acknowledges that the real challenge lies in changing consumer behavior and the industry’s reliance on cheap, disposable hangers.

He mentions, “This is just the beginning. My vision extends beyond just creating sustainable products but also to do my part to educate people on the WHY we need to consider our environment in purchasing something as simple as hangers,”

The Kangaroo Hanger’s journey from a simple idea to a catalyst for change encapsulates Angus’ spirit of innovation and resilience. With over 50 million organic viral views and a surge in orders following the launch in late January, the founder is hopeful about what Kangaroo can accomplish in the US and soon in other regions. He looks forward to satisfying more customers’ appetite for sustainable home goods and reminding them that even the smallest changes in their daily lives can contribute to a larger movement toward sustainability.