The Rainmaker Challenge: The First Step of Achieving a Hands-Off Business

The enticing concept of a hands-off business paints the modern business, aiming for financial independence without sacrificing life’s most treasured moments. The Rainmaker Family, founded by successful entrepreneurs and couple Stephen and Chelsey Diaz, introduces this new standard in business. 

At the core of the Rainmaker Family is their Rainmaker Challenge, an intensive seven-day program designed to empower women entrepreneurs to build hands-off eCommerce businesses. From its foundation in 2018, The Rainmaker Family has touched the lives of more than 14,000 women and continues to be a guide for those seeking to break free from the daily grind and create successful hands-off businesses in the competitive digital age.

The Concept of a Hands-off Business

More than anyone else, entrepreneurs love the idea of a hands-off business. It’s a business that operates seamlessly even when they are not in the driver’s seat. The allure of a ‘hands-off’ business lies in the promise of freedom–the freedom to pursue new opportunities, spend quality time with family and achieve a work-life balance that seems impossible with a nine-to-five job.

However, Stephen and Chelsey understand that the road to a hands-off business is difficult, especially for mothers who often juggle multiple responsibilities. Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with family life can be taxing, leading to burnout, strained relationships, and often a choice between family time or managing the business. 

Chelsey shares, “Before Rainmaker, we tried every ‘side hustle’ in the book. When we started our first eCommerce brand selling Japanese wooden toys, we experienced the exhaustion of doing everything, from advertising, packing, and shipping, all these after our 9-5 wedding business. It was too much for us.”

The turning point came in the couple’s lives. After a miraculous incident of shipping their toys via Amazon, Chelsey, and Stephen learned that the company could do all the logistics for them; at this moment, the couple saw the power of using Amazon as leverage.

They mention, “For the first time, hundreds of orders shipped without us touching a single box. We knew Amazon was something, so we dived deep and studied.”  

From this moment, the couple realized that a hands-off business can be achieved through their accidentally discovered platform. Not settling, the couple made it their mission to let more people, especially women, know and experience its life-changing power. Hence the birth of the Rainmaker Family. 

A New Approach to Entrepreneurship

The 2023 Inc. 5000 awardee takes pride in their Rainmaker Challenge, a comprehensive seven-day training that equips every mother entrepreneur with the knowledge to leverage Amazon FBA into their products. Through the ‘Rainmaker Method,’ mother entrepreneurs are taught how to actualize their ideas and use Amazon FBA to make it an earning, hands-off business. 

The Rainmaker Challenge is a meticulously crafted program offering a step-by-step roadmap to success. For seven days, participants are immersed in daily video sessions that discuss the ‘hows’ of setting up a hands-off business with the help of Amazon’s extensive infrastructure for streamlined and hassle-free shipping.

With the participants’ daily 1-1 SMS support with a co-rainmaker, they can dive into practical business scenarios and discuss any concerns in developing their products. Chelsey and Stephen ensured that the training will help entrepreneurs establish a successful hands-off business made possible by selling the right products. 
Stephen shares, “We assure our participants get the best seven-day business training program, covering all the areas that may hinder them from launching their businesses.”

The First Step to Freedom

Stephen and Chelsey emphasize that the first step in experiencing the excellent benefits of the challenge is saying ‘Yes.’ They believe that mothers who dare to change the course of their lives and take a risk will reap the rewards.

They share, “To grow fruit, you need to trim the vine back to the last fruit; it’s painful but necessary to grow fruit in the next season. The same with entrepreneurship. It’s a risk one must be willing to take, even if that means cutting off things that already became a comfort.”

Stephen and Chelsey believe in the potential of every mother entrepreneur to transcend the limitations of a traditional nine-to-five job. They aimed to “buy back time” for Rainmaker moms, enabling them to manage six and seven-figure businesses while cherishing quality time with their loved ones.

Turning Challenges to Opportunities

Stephen and Chelsey understand that the journey to a hands-off business has challenges. Some may struggle to master the complex eCommerce changing systems, find the right niche product, and stay ahead of the game. However, rather than seeing these challenges as roadblocks, they view them as opportunities for growth. 

Chelsey mentions, “No business is perfect. That is why we are here to guide our Rainmakers in their journey. There is always something new to learn, so we uncover it all together through other materials and sources such as books, podcasts, and even face-to-face retreats.”

The couple emphasizes the importance of continuous study to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. Moreover, they underscore the significance of the Rainmaker community, where support from fellow rainmakers can provide the encouragement and guidance needed to overcome challenges. 

With the Rainmaker Challenge, the journey toward a hands-off business is a reality, but it doesn’t end there. It’s just the beginning of a transformative path in entrepreneurship, marked by boldness, strategy, and love for the family of many mom entrepreneurs.