The Story of ABDI Designs: A Car Tuning Company in Canada Raised to Global Popularity

Myths, though considered old tales, do not diminish their attractiveness as everyone looks at them from their perspective. Therefore, it can be said that for every human being on earth, there is a special myth accompanied by creativity and ideas. One of those myths is Shaun Abdi, who broke the monotonous skies of the tuning community with his fresh designs and allowed designs, ideas, and colors to have a place among cars. 

Shaun Abdi shares his success story of how his brand has been immersed in imagination, myths, and unique ideas, harmonizing with the world of tuning. 

Shaun Abdi’s humble beginnings

Childhood is a part of life that seems far from adulthood and a time when nothing is important except playing. Most people are unaware that these childish games are shaping their children’s future path, as all thoughts, fears, ideas, and reasons during this period play an important role in their minds. 

This is true with Shaun Abdi, as his childhood, full of playfulness and restlessness, was immersed in the world of design and cars. His playgrounds were nowhere else but among toy cars. As he entered adolescence and participated in family gatherings, he witnessed his father talk about cars of different types. According to Shaun Abdi, his father’s interest in cars has attracted him. The conversations translated into mental patterns passed from hand to hand drew him toward the world of car design and tuning. 

He brought his inherent curiosity about cars during gatherings where his father talked about different car models with other people. “That was the second place where I spent my time,” Shaun Abdi jokingly shares. 

From his childhood interest in cars, Abdi started his professional journey with a well-known company. Building his foundation on simple designs, Abdi gradually improved on his rough designs, which became more mature as time passed. This led him to find his special customers. 

Despite being fresh into the world of tuning, Abdi founded his first car tuning company as a designer at age 17 with bigger goals in mind. He knew he couldn’t just limit his future within a small car tuning center. With that in mind, he started developing his business and was able to design and install his first body kit on his car at 19 years old.

Abdi shares that the person who welcomed their G-body kits in America owns one of the famous brands that work with big companies like Keyvani, Mansouri, Brabus, and many other large worldwide companies.

This famous person in the field offered to collaborate with Abdi for several body kits installed on the company’s several cars, causing Abdi to be among the world’s top design brands.

“This is how my international project was launched and what provided me with more opportunities to experience the world of car tuning,” Abdi shares. 

The inspiration behind Abdi’s global success

All tuning, design, and body kit installation critics know Abdi as a very creative person who revived the world of tuning. However, Abdi acknowledges that his creativity is shaped by many things: nature, the people around him, and Iran – his birthplace full of secrets, myths, and history. From his childhood came different ancient stories and legends, as well as experiences among historical buildings and ancient sculptures that later flooded his creativity.

When asked who inspired him to pursue a life of success in car tuning, Abdi proudly answered his mother. Undoubtedly, the medal for the most influential person in his professional life goes to his mother, who supported him lovingly through the toughest times. She believed in his abilities and was always his motivator.

Abdi shares that if he had grown up in a different environment and hadn’t been for her mother’s support, he might never have gone towards expanding his business and wouldn’t be where he is today.

Abdi also gives credit to his father, who he considers gave him the most influence in the fields of entrepreneurship, car design, tuning, and commercial holding. With his father’s support and protection, Abdi shares how he learned that even the best and highest quality products can be sold without advertising. As an experienced person in business and management, his father played an important role in providing his experiences.

Abdi mentions that aside from his parents, the next important person and influential figure in his life who helped shape his perspective is the life coach Mahdi Aryafar. Aryafar, a pioneer in personal development coaching, directed Abdi towards his coaching style. He currently leads the ABDI Design wholeheartedly, treating all organization members with love, sincerity, and kindness. According to Abdi, Aryafar emphasizes one thing: “All individuals must take steps towards the growth of the Abdi’s organization and prioritize pragmatism.”

Abdi shares his gratitude to these people who molded him into the successful entrepreneur and leader he is today. 

The culture of excellence at ABDI Designs

Abdi recognizes that his global success is not just a one-man show but the fruit of so many people’s hard work, his creative team, their unique marketing strategy, and his leadership skills. 

According to Abdi, his creative team strives to achieve the best possible results in line with his goals, upholding the highest level of innovativeness, creativity, and efficiency. They are well-trained to develop solutions to issues and challenges while maintaining a positive work environment based on cohesion and collaboration.

Abdi’s strategic leadership led ABDI’s creative team. With strong willpower and motivation, he creates a suitable platform where top talents can expand their innovative ideas in a harmonious workplace environment. He teaches them excellent financial planning & management, the ability to solve complex problems, effective communication & organizational culture creation, the capability to encourage their team, build high self-confidence, understand and recognize their responsibilities, and give deep attention to consumer needs. Through Abdi’s leadership style, the ABDI team has propelled the company’s goals and growth.

ABDI also takes pride in its different marketing strategies. They focus on a niche market, namely successful musicians and athletes. Abdi knew that when people are fans of someone, they like to behave like them. Car models and designs are also important behavior patterns that people can emulate. Abdi believed that when a famous singer or athlete drives a car from his tuning center, their fans unconsciously become attached to that design style. 

True enough, this niche market helped ABDI succeed in the global market. 

“The body kit for a car is like clothes for a person,” Abdi mentions. “The whole story of tuning is about adventure and excitement; it’s enjoyable, but it’s not a tranquilizer.”

Championing boldness and power through automotive body kits

In response to queries about the origins of their company’s logo, Abdi reveals that it was drawn from nature. He understands that his environment is a blend of natural elements, a concept that steered him to select a creature from the wild to serve as his brand’s distinctive symbol.

According to Abdi, the final design consists of two parts. The central part is derived from the Iranian cheetah, which symbolizes speed, agility, power, elegance, attractiveness, intelligence, and toughness. “Whenever someone sees a cheetah, they remember these characteristics,” Abdi adds.

Aside from its given bold nature, Abdi also chose an Iranian cheetah because they are 

endangered. He decided to revive its name while instilling the brand’s iconic characteristics to its customers. He believes that a logo has a significant impact on a brand’s identity. 

The secondary aspect of the logo is its border and overall configuration, crafted from the concept of ancient protective shields. Using a defensive shield in the logo was chosen for its symbolic toughness and resilience against formidable impacts, reflecting the performance, potency, and quality of Abdi’s car body kits. Abdi’s motto, “Unbelievable speed, unattainable power,” was deliberately selected to fully represent this logo’s essence. 

Empowering others for success

At the beginning of his work, critics used every opportunity to lower his artistic value. Over time, those same critics began to admire this brand as a structure breaker. 

“I always try to have a different lifestyle and work on my strengths and weaknesses with confidence, especially when doing things that require courage, delicacy, and expertise. Life is full of differences and contradictions. We must be flexible and create change.”

ABDI’s success is a result of several reasons that played harmoniously together. When Abdi 

entered the world of car tuning, a gray silence ruled over this authoritative community. Especially in the endless uniformity of car design, only a few were allowed to break this silence and show new and high-quality designs. Abdi proved that sometimes the result of storms and disrupting long-standing orders can open a window towards brightness for people. 

Shaun Abdi concludes, “Calmness, security, peace of mind, and seeking distance from depression while using appropriate guidance can allow you to have a successful life. What do you think? With your country’s rich culture, history, ancient myths, nature, and abundant resources, can you also find inspiration from these rich sources towards introducing your business or brand to the world?”