This Consulting Firm Is Helping Businesses Grow By Filling A Gap In Digital Business

The future is digital – businesses of all sizes risk falling behind on their growth goals unless they embrace the use of modern operating models and digital technologies. Thankfully, one management consulting firm is filling in the gap, offering boutique support tailored to a business’s unique needs and backed by global experience.

Mesh Digital, headquartered in West New York, New Jersey, USA, offers business-for-business services developing strategies to fully utilize digitization opportunities. The firm uses a unique engagement model that allows its highly-experienced team to identify a business’ digital opportunities and provide the best solutions to exploit them.

For some companies, digital strategies may include improving a customer’s digital experiences and increasing the potential of customer lifetime value. For others, digital capabilities can be vertically integrated to create efficiency and streamlined operations.

Whatever the needs of the individual business, the consistent thread across Mesh Digital’s ever-growing and cross-industry client base is the same: top tactfully-provocative advice with pragmatic, sustainable, and tailored strategies that are actionable for each client.

“We combine deep industry expertise and human-centered approaches to help our clients shape their business strategies, improve customer experiences, differentiate in the market, and drive sustainable growth,” says Mesh Digital CEO and Managing Partner, Michael D. Kleinberg.

“At Mesh Digital, we define digital a little differently, we define it as the convergence of business and technology, where digital is just the way business is done today,” Mr. Kleinberg adds. “Every client starts at a different point in their digital transformation. We like to meet clients where they are in their journey. There isn’t a list of universal tips we can offer; we have to be specific with our recommendations and solutions for each client. No business starts at the same place when beginning a digital transformation, and that’s why we tailor strategies for each client that are as nuanced and distinct as their business itself.”

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, there has never been a higher demand for expert digital business advice, particularly for firms just beginning or finding their digital transformations stalled and wanting to stay relevant, differentiate in their markets, and earn outsized returns.

A recent World Economic Forum website post affirmed that the future of business will be digital. This can have a host of benefits for any firm, from startups to market leaders, from small to global – including being more agile, profitable, and adaptable. 

Mesh Digital offers the services companies need to enjoy digital success, armed with a team of professionals possessing an average of eighteen years of experience across eleven major industrial sectors. Currently, the firm serves clients across four continents.

Their approach fills a space in the digital business consulting market, providing the around-the-clock and one-on-one engagement expected from boutique firms while employing the skills and reach of a global consultancy. As Kleinberg says: “Our team consists of polished business experts and senior subject matter experts who have set successful and pragmatic strategies time and time again and have the experience of living with those strategies for years.”

While Mesh Digital does provide a forward-looking range of services for companies to take the next step in their digital transformation, it does not provide tax, legal, or medical advice. Instead, it focuses on what it does best: helping businesses chart a strong path into the digital world.