Three Stripe Alternatives You Should Know About

E-commerce is booming, and many online companies are flocking to Stripe as digital commerce’s go-to payment processing solution. However, this kind of universal movement can sometimes mean overlooking solutions better suited for a particular business. For example, Stripe doesn’t play well with some industries it deems high-risk, including web design services, subscription services, digital goods, or products like CBD and supplements. Stripe’s main concerns about these kinds of industries vary between regulatory complications and the potential for fraud or customer chargebacks.

Whatever it is, you probably already took it into account when setting up your business in the first place, but Stripe’s not going to take your word for it. They might ask you to keep a non-negotiable 25% rolling reserve on hand, which is a considerable barrier to entry. Stripe also can freeze your account if they get nervous, which could happen at any moment for a business in a high-intensity industry or with some low-overhead seasons. The last thing you need is your payment processing service suddenly going unresponsive in the middle of important business.

Here are a few Stripe alternatives you should know about.

Three Payment Processing Picks for You

A payment processing service geared explicitly toward high-risk businesses, Corepay has 20 years of experience working in industries such as travel, CBD supplements, and online dating. Corepay is registered in the US and Europe, offering competitive pricing and flexibility. They have powerful protection against customer chargebacks, so they should be a strong candidate for any company where uncooperative customers can be risky.


Specializing in companies that deliver digital content and goods, Verotel works with various industries. It’s based in Europe and holds funds in an EU escrow account, an exciting feature that it’s employed for over a decade. Verotel accepts nearly every business in almost every industry but might raise its prices to compensate.


Both a global payment processor and a comprehensive e-commerce platform, CCBill offers a broader support base and a more expansive range of solutions beyond processing payment. For example, it has features that help to network affiliate companies and connect with competitors to drive traffic.

It’s All About What You Need

While there are plenty of choices for online payment processing, these three stand out as the industry standard. Wherever you end up looking, make sure you’re aware of the fees they want to charge, whether they work well with your industry, and be doubly careful if they set caps on your business. You need a processor that will scale with your business, which means understanding your industry and the complexities that come with it.

The best payment processing solution will be the one that lets your business operate smoothly. You want the customer to think about the product or service, not the payment terminal, just like you want to be managing your business instead of dealing with a troubled processing platform. The right pick will free you and your customers to do business efficiently.