TroubleMakerz Customs: Representing Innovators and Pushing the Envelope in Creativity

As a family business and powerhouse, TroubleMakerz Customs, founded by artist, influencer, and CEO Alfred K. Williams III, aka Rebel2Lit, represents the creatives and the mad scientists of the custom shoe game. So many innovative and hardworking creatives pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their work, only to end up with minimal views and limited attention. Here, TroubleMakerz Customs saw a solution by offering struggling influencers the collaboration and representation they need to find success.

Constantly pushing the envelope in creativity, TroubleMakerz Customs stands miles above other companies in their industry due to their relentless grit and determination to be the best. The crew at TroubleMakerz Customs puts in endless hours and incessant work both in their physical designs and visual presentations. Uniquely, they view themselves as the competition, which ultimately fosters a genuine atmosphere of innovation and creativity. Their distinct methods and unprecedented devotion to their products are on full display in their body of work, which is only set to expand as the company looks to continue inspiring and uplifting fellow customizers.

TroubleMakerz Customs has been working tirelessly at its craft, steadily amassing a plethora of notable career highlights thus far. Among their accomplishments was getting their shoes displayed at two of Picasso’s Splat Rooms locations— in both Morrow, GA, and Stonecrest Mall. Additionally, TroubleMakerz Customs has collaborated with famous Youtuber and social media influencer Taylor Moore, better known by her handle @ItsTayTayBayBee. They have also proudly designed a winning custom pair of shoes for a customer named T. Hammond, who is heavily involved in the brand Carnival. TroubleMakerz Customs is listed in the top 20 contestants for the ongoing competition Supreme Sneakerhead of 2023. The contest is reportedly open until December 22nd. While TroubleMakerz Customs can reasonably attribute much of its success to focusing on trendsetting and staying original, the road there was full of challenges.

The innovative company found some difficulty garnering overall attention and handling inventory in the early stages. To overcome the issues with inventory, the team at TroubleMakerz Customs ultimately decided to take the plunge and invest heavily in the company, committing to a higher budget than previously anticipated. Once they decided to open the company up to collaborating with highly known influencers and created a budget specifically for promotional marketing, they began to see their concerns of lack of attention diminish as well. Today, TroubleMakerz Customs continues to seek collaboration with well-known influencers and is currently in several talks with many social media stars.Through intense work and the consistent grind, TroubleMakerz Customs has set itself up for dominance in the custom-designed shoe industry. As they aim to be one of the top names in shoe customizing, viewing their concentrated devotion to their craft leaves little room to doubt that the company will be a household name in the future. All influencers and brands looking to add a touch of what it means to be truly ingenious and wish to be recognized for their innovation and creativity will undoubtedly benefit by collaborating with one of the most inventive companies: TroubleMakerz Customs.