YBH’s Tailor-Made Crewed Super Yacht Charters Offers the Ultimate Luxury Experience

The yachting lifestyle is the highest symbol of luxury, alluring many to indulge in a floating palace on the waters of Monaco, Greece, Italy, or the South of France. When it comes to planning a voyage, seasoned holidaymakers have their taste preferences for charter vessels more than first-timers. But just the same, the expertise of superb charter brokers such as Your Boat Holiday (YBH) is invaluable.

A luxury yacht charter company propelling to the top of the yachting industry, YBH organises tailor-made, private-crewed charters worldwide. Your Boat Holiday offers more than 8,000 vessels featuring super and mega yachts, catamarans, and sailing yachts. 

Such a big splash for luxury travel sees Giulia Di Leo, Founder and CEO of YBH, sharply navigating the brand at the helm. “We’re here to redefine the meaning of ultimate luxury onboard our vessels, and it’s already reshaping the industry,” she says. “It’s no longer just the silver generation revelling in the experience, but the new generation is seeking the personalised approach as well. My team and I are here to provide what they all need.”

A Bespoke Experience On-Board a Yacht

If there’s one trait that stands out among the excellent team of YBH charter brokers, it’s attention to detail. They are adamant about offering top-quality, personalised experiences to clients and understanding their requirements. These details reveal which type of vessel is appropriate for a voyage, whether it’s a superyacht, megayacht, or others. In the many charter shows, conferences, and meetings the company has taken part in, most notably the MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona, Spain, the team has provided guests a chance to step on a fantastic yacht, meet the captain and crew, and have a glimpse of the luxury on board.

“We are known for our tailor-made assistance, efficiency, and customer service,” quips Di Leo. “It says a lot about the passion I share with my team because, for us, the charter journey starts even before our guests step foot on the yacht. And it doesn’t end after they bid farewell. It only ends after we’ve received and verified feedback and comments. We look into the processes and anticipate issues, and that’s the reason why over 80% of our satisfied clients are returning travellers.”

The new market has brought a unique perspective to the yachting experience, with technology and privacy among the driving factors. Meanwhile, traditional travellers relish a slower pace to familiar destinations and attractions. Considering changing trends and the different preferences of clients, YBH suggests charters focusing on health and fitness, high-level culinary experiences that rival Michelin-star dining, and art experiences that combine the creative expressions of the sea and the vessel. 

Sailing to the Corners of the World

Since YBH’s inception, its vessels have chartered to the Mediterranean and continue to expand in the Caribbean for big sporting events such as the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, international golf events, and the Saudi Arabia GP. They also set out to entertainment festivals that include the Lion Cannes Film Festival, Venice, Miami Ultra, and famous shooting locations such as Dubrovnik. Impressive as these destinations are, the yachting company isn’t slowing down in curating dream vacations and unlocking more possibilities.

In the Mediterranean, YBH charters stretch to France, Italy’s Amalfi and Sardinia, offering options for a luxurious Italy yacht charter, the Adriatic Sea from Greece to Croatia, the Balearics with Ibiza and Mallorca, and more. Anchoring its presence in the Caribbean, vessels can now sail to the Bahamas. A new world of incredible vacations opens in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia with The Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia, and more. The company’s farthest destinations to date are in the Pacific, with Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, and the Fiji Islands.

Skeptics Try to Slow Down the Tide

After the travel industry rebounded from a long slump, research predicts a continuous ascent towards 2030. The demand has been picking up as the younger generation continues to seek “Instagram-worthy” spots while increasing their awareness and interest in more remote and unique locations. Not everyone is impressed, though, with an unnamed international travel group shunning the uptick, saying that the consumer preferences, dominated by social media’s fast-changing trends, are a double-edged sword. It’s a matter of time before it strikes the other way.

A persevering Di Leo responds, “YBH is a member of the most important international professional yachting associations around the world. We constantly seek to improve and provide better charters, combining our expertise and technology.” As for the guests of Your Boat Holiday, their trips can be 100% insured and they can also avail of the loyalty program for greater benefits.