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Four trends in emerging markets

Emerging markets continue to offer good potential for investors, providing access to sectors and companies that are on significant growth trajectories, as well as those not readily available in developed markets, says John Moorhead, head of global emerging markets, Maple-Brown Abbott.

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Why country risk matters

For investors, an assessment of country risk should seek to answer one key question: is the country under review an acceptable investment destination? If the answer is no, why would you invest there?

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Investing in the Age of Confusion

van der Welle says, ”We find that the bar for inflation becoming entrenched is pretty high and recessions, which we expect one way or another, are highly disinflationary. However, a right-hand skew to the expected inflation frequency distribution for developed economies is a key thread for 2023-2027. “

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Where I’m putting the money: David Paradice

Price is what you pay, value is what you get. If you were trying to play the inflation, then you’d be going into some of the miners, some of the energy, some of the commodity producers, some of the resource companies, says David Paradice.