Creating Canva: How Cameron Adams helped build a $39 billion juggernaut


Cameron Adams was a web “rockstar” long before he co-founded Canva. Now, as the $39-billion design juggernaut’s ongoing success relies increasingly on deep tech, the third wheel in the company’s leadership trio is coming to the fore.

Issue Nine of Forbes Australia is out now. Tap here to secure your copy.

Issue Nine of Forbes Australia is out now.

Standing in front of 3,000 people and with 1.5 million tuned in worldwide, Cameron Adams owns it up on stage in a sparkling red doubled-breasted jacket, spruiking the wonders of Canva’s 10 new AI products – more magician or game-show host than tech geek. 

Getting into a lift after the March 2023 event – and before Adams, 44, takes the DJ stand for one of his techno sets at the fist-pumping staff party – an older woman of Chinese descent is marvelling at her son’s transformation. “You should have seen him when he was little. You could not get him to speak,” she says. “You would not believe it was the same boy.”

Adams’ mother, Nancy, has good reason to be astonished at her son’s transformation. Valued by Forbes at $USD2.2b in this year’s Australia’s 50 Richest, Canva’s chief product officer is Australia’s 25th richest person.

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