14 apartments & two heliports: This $844 million mega-yacht is a monster


Renders for a new United Arab Emirates mega-yacht concept reveal the vessel will be a whopping 140 metres long and draws inspiration from large US aircraft carriers. 

Designed by Enzo Manca Design, the UAE ONE mega-yacht is intended for both military and private uses.

The vessel has been in development for two years and includes two heliports, 14 apartments, and an internal miniport containing a submarine.

Although the designs for the exterior are mostly completed, renderings of the interior will not be available until the end of 2023.

In addition to 14 mini apartments, UAE ONE will also have five super suites and eight master cabins, with a further 35 cabins for a crew of around 65 people.

United Arab Emirates will use it to host important guests, with three meeting rooms and a press area.

In addition to the two heliports, there will also be a hangar specifically for the presidential helicopter.

The heliports and internal submarine port will allow foreign delegations and international meetings to be hosted aboard the mega-yacht. 

This ambitious nine-deck project was requested by a Sheikh whose identity is being kept anonymous, designer Enzo Manca told the Mirror.

Reportedly, the concept was born in a meeting between the Italian-based Manca, a Prime Minister, and a Sultan of the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE ONE costs £440 million, but the Mirror reports that the final price tag could be over £500 million, depending on the interior.

So far though, the vessel includes an 18-metre swimming pool, a gym, a wellness centre, a medical room, and a spa.

The bow of the mega-yacht also hosts an outdoor area with a large circular sofa and firepit.  

Manca has designed many yachts and superyachts, and states on his website that he carries out projects for “the most demanding customer”.

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