This $3 billion superyacht also doubles as world-first ‘super submarine’


Migaloo Private Subermsible Yachts is offering a world-first privately owned ‘submersible superyacht’, which is able to convert into a submarine that can stay underwater for up to four weeks – if you’re one of the rare few who can afford it.

The luxurious submersible superyacht will be built and personally tailored for whoever commissions it for a reported $3 billion.

With a price point that high even many of the world’s billionaires, who might usually grace rich lists the world over, would find themselves unable to scrape together the pennies for the luxury submarine x yacht hybrid.

The submarine can dive down to an approximate depth of 250 metres below the ocean’s surface, and stay there for up to four weeks – before coming up and acting as an ultra-luxurious surface vessel.


The vessel – called Migaloo M5 – is around 165 metres long and can hold up to 20 guests and up to 40 crew, depending on the owner’s preference.

The submersible superyacht has a beam of 23 metres and can move at speeds of up to 20 knots on the surface, and up to 12 knots while submerged.

According to Migaloo, the M5 was designed with personalisation, individualization, and privacy in mind – features that superyacht and megayacht owners are reportedly increasingly demanding in their luxury vessels.


And if the superyacht itself being submersible just isn’t enough, the design also includes two mini-submarines, which can hold up to six people each.

There will be room for jet skis on the vessel, as well as a helipad – so you are sure to be well-equipped for any possible adventure that might arise, whether it be above, on, or under the water.

The company is determined to ensure that this world-first submersible superyacht is on par with the level of luxury that is expected amongst superyacht owners, and will work with prospective M5 owners to design the interior of their dreams.

Both personalised and perfectly private – given its ability to disappear underwater for up to a month – Migaloo seems to have nailed the brief it set for itself.


Project MIGALOO began with Austrian industry experts Christian Gumpold and Christopher Gloning.

Over years of development, the pair worked closely with seasoned professionals – hailing from all over the world in both the private yacht sector and in international shipyards – to create this world-first hybrid vessel.

Their personal ethos seems to be summed up on the Migaloo website, which touts the Mark Twain quote “They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.”

This isn’t Migaloo’s first foray into luxury water-based offerings – the company is also responsible for the design of ‘Kokomo Ailand’, a man-made floating habitat, which is seemingly part-private island, part megayacht.


Owning Migaloo M5 will surely be the ultimate status symbol for the lucky few who can get their hands on one – with the vessel being both ultra-exclusive and ultra-expensive.

Migaloo founder Gumpold says on their website, “The needs of superyacht owners for their vessels are more complex than ever. These wishes do not just include performance, length, or design. Owners are looking… for the greatest possible exclusivity and limitation.”

Gumpold believes that “the submersible superyachts are the future of yachting,” but whether the innovation will spread industry-wide remains to be seen.

If it does, Migaloo could be leading a massive technological turning point, that might just revolutionise the superyacht industry entirely.

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