A New Era of Real Estate: Adrian William’s Progressive Model Breaks the Mould of Traditional Agencies

Brand Voice

A boutique agency revolutionizing the property scene, Adrian William Real Estate was built on an innovative model that had never been observed in the industry before, and it’s changing the game. When the agency was founded in July 2020 by Adrian Tsavalas, William Pereira, and Joseph Ferreira, no one expected that a team of six young agents in a makeshift office would become the leading agency in the region after less than two years in business. But, their unprecedented success shows no signs of slowing down.

Operating in the Inner West, Inner East and Inner City suburbs of Sydney, their forward-thinking approach to property trade raised the bar when it comes to modern real estate and has quickly established them as the top-performing agency in the region.

Although this type of accelerated success is unusual, Adrian William’s exceptionally fast rise to the top has been no coincidence. Prior to its inception, the founding trio recognised that the needs and expectations of clients were evolving faster than the high-profile agencies they worked for at the time. The idea of separating themselves from established brands was initially confronting, but they saw an opportunity to fill a gap where progressive and cutting-edge agencies were notably absent. 

Devoted to reinventing the industry’s reputation through a community-centric model that turns traditional real estate on its head, Adrian William was born from a commitment to prioritising ethical practices without compromising on excellence.

Adrian William is reshaping the common public perception that real estate agents are solely motivated by closing deals. Through tireless efforts, they have been rewriting the narrative surrounding real estate agencies in their region. Director, Adrian Tsavalas remarked, “We follow a unique business model; transparency is the cornerstone of all our practices.” He went on to add, “Adrian William operates as equal parts real estate agency, marketing agency, and market researcher. Our priority is, and will always be, working in the interest of our clients to help them make the right decisions when they’re buying or selling.” Their sales department consistently ranks #1 in their marketplace on both Domain and Realestate.com.au, dominating the region in sold and new listings. They attribute this success to their reputation as an honest brand, which delivers in full, not polish.

The Directors at Adrian William expect to see more transparency from other agencies in the coming years. “The traditional franchise model is dying out,” Director, Joseph Ferreira remarked. “Buyers and sellers want to do real estate with locals, who know the local market. Clients don’t need a show anymore; they want real people delivering real results. They want transparency and this is what Adrian William is all about.”

Where most traditional agencies assign leads at the executive or partner level, Adrian William prides itself on being an ‘equal opportunity’ agency, where leads are distributed between agents based on merit and market expertise. This practice has attracted a lot of young talent to the company and encouraged meaningful, value-driven growth in the next generation of industry leaders. Their dedication to pioneering progressive real estate has prompted several initiatives, including their transition to paperless trade, which will be complete by 2024. In an industry first, everything from printed property brochures to cardboard business cards has been scrapped, and digital solutions have been employed to fill the marketing gap left in their absence.

The team has a very refined branding and marketing approach, which has been meticulously devised by the top creatives in Sydney, but the buck doesn’t stop at aesthetics. They watch every auction in the region and send reports to clients weekly. “You can’t cut corners,” said Director, William Pereira. “Exceptional results require exceptional dedication. Buyers and sellers want to know what’s happening in their area; your communication has to be second-to-none.” 

Adrian William agents are prolific in the industry for their outstanding negotiation skills and stop-at-nothing-to-succeed attitudes. In 2022, the agency was shortlisted for an award at the REINSW Excellence Awards, and this year, they are up for the REB (Real Estate Business) Boutique Agency of the Year award. Although they don’t believe in the idea of ‘overnight success,’ they acknowledge that they’ve taken the fast lane to the top. “We have put everything into delivering a top-tier service,” Mr Tsavalas stated. “We have a well-thought-out and seamlessly executed business model with the strongest and most saturated marketing in our area; that’s what allowed us to write $1,000,000 in commission in the first five-and-a-half-months of business, and just over a year later, that number jumped to $5,500,000.”

The team are currently completing a multi-million-dollar transformation of a heritage- listed ex-bank this year. The building, which will be Sydney’s premier real estate office, is located on King Street and has been fastidiously designed by famed architects Richards Stanisich. Adrian William intends to keep perusing new ways to provide the highest level of service to their clients, as the market continues to evolve.