Dr. Simone Boer: The “Hacks Queen” Revolutionising Coaching Through her Unique Blend of Neuroscience and Strategy

Brand Voice

In a world where personal and professional growth often takes a backseat to daily responsibilities, one innovative coach is making waves with her unique approach to unlocking one’s highest potential.

Dr. Simone Boer, the founder of A Fresh Approach Coaching and Consulting, combines her background in neuroscience and strategy with her passion for coaching to help high-achieving individuals level up. With her distinct neurocoaching methods and brain hacks, Simone is making a lasting impact on the lives of countless clients, guiding them to discover the keys to success and the path to a more fulfilling life.

Simone’s journey began as a teenager with an interest in psychology and neuroscience, ultimately leading her to discover the transformative power of coaching. After an illustrious career in data analytics, strategy, facilitation, and property investment, she stepped away from corporate life to focus on her coaching business, which began in August 2021. Since then, through her company, A Fresh Approach, she has helped numerous clients achieve success in various aspects of their lives, from career changes to personal relationships.

Overcoming early challenges such as learning the ins and outs of running a business, dealing with unregulated coaching industry practices, and balancing work-life commitments, Simone has proven her tenacity and determination. She believes her distinct blend of neuroscience and coaching sets her apart from her competitors, dubbing herself a “hacks queen” with expertise in business, life, and brain hacks. People often come to her with one specific issue but end up experiencing transformative results in multiple aspects of their lives, including weight loss, wealth creation, and improved family dynamics. And with her signature blue hair, Simone is truly one-of-a-kind.

As for the future of coaching, Simone envisions several industry trends taking shape over the next few years. She anticipates an increasing commoditization of coaching, driven by the rise of AI and automation. However, she also predicts a growing demand for hyper-personalized services, as clients seek more bespoke and tailored experiences.

In an age of burnout, she believes that many coaches will struggle to maintain the work-life balance necessary for long-term success. This presents a unique opportunity for trailblazers like Dr. Simone Boer who can skillfully navigate the challenges of offering both scalable and personalized services.

According to her, the biggest mistake potential clients make is putting off working on themselves and prioritizing others. Many individuals struggle to invest in themselves, often fearing that the “right time” will never come. Simone encourages her clients to take the leap and invest in their personal growth, knowing that the return on investment will be life-changing.

Simone’s innovative neurocoaching approach through A Fresh Approach is truly transforming lives, as she empowers clients to break free from limiting beliefs and unleash their full potential. By blending neuroscience insights with her coaching expertise, she provides high-achievers with the tools and brain hacks they need to thrive in every aspect of life. 

With a genuine passion for helping others and a unique flair that sets her apart, Dr. Simone Boer is undoubtedly making a lasting impact in the coaching industry. As she continues to inspire and guide clients on their personal journeys, the future shines bright for those who choose to embrace her fresh approach.