How 100% Capri is Pioneering Fashion Sustainability by Focusing on Designer Quality Linen

Brand Voice

Today, the most innovative companies, regardless of industry, are resonating with consumers by delivering quality products and services via sustainable business practices. An increasing number of consumers are focusing their spending power on companies committed to environmentally friendly initiatives. One McKinsey Survey, highlighted by the World Economic Forum, noted that 66% of all respondents consider sustainability when making a purchase. This trend is only growing as the same survey, noted that 75% of millennial respondents consider sustainability when making a purchase. Additionally, this is a global phenomenon as The Economist and WWF found a 71% increase in international online searches for sustainable goods, deeming it an Eco-Awakening.

While the sustainability movement intersects with all industries, the technical challenges and consumer hurdles to achieving mass adoption of eco-friendly products vary depending on the business. While the fashion industry’s impact on the environment does not garner massive public outcry, there is a growing cohort of people worried about eco-friendly farming, color dying, production, and shipping practices. To this point, 50% of fashion executives admit that consumers are driving the increased focus on sustainability in the industry according to The Economist.

100% Capri is an Italian clothing brand disrupting the fashion industry by exclusively focusing on high-quality, sustainable linen. 

Founded by Antonio Aiello over 20 years ago, 100% Capri has always been an advocate for linen — a fabric oft-overlooked by designer brands.100% Capri is not only popularizing designer-quality linen-based clothing for men and women, but the brand is a pioneer for sustainable practices and organic materials in the industry. By emphasizing linen, 100% Capri creates a luxurious product that is completely ecological, biodegradable, zero-waste, and hypoallergenic all without using irrigation or water, helping to preserve our global water resources. Additionally, 100% Capri is committed to never spraying defoliants on their crops as well as never using GMOs, resonating with consumers concerned with the negative effects of clothes made out of chemical-laden materials. 

Since its inception, the 100% Capri modus operandi has been aimed at popularizing linen as the perfect fabric for comfortable high-end clothing precisely because of its sustainability, natural materials, and comfortability. With a focus on ecological materials and a unique melange of traditional Italian tailoring & modern manufacturing practices, 100% Capri has played a major role in the recent acceptance of linen as a designer material. 

While designer brands have introduced linen options over the last few years, linen has historically been frowned upon as it has been perceived as cheap and not sexy. The 100% Capri team has been intent on disrupting this perception in high fashion. Aiello understands that despite this out-of-date mentality, linen is the perfect material for the same high-net-worth individual who purchases designer brands and goes on vacation to the world’s top vacation destinations. Linen-based clothing is ide for these locations as it is light, breathable, cool in the summer, doesn’t cause heat or sun rashes, can be worn casually or formally, and naturally suits any body type. Simply put, linen is the perfect material to relax in; to this point, hospitals even wrap newborn babies in linen blankets upon being born. 

Aiello knows this from experience as he personally styled and dressed Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft as well as Jean Claude of Netscape in 100% Capri clothing — helping the newly minted internet rockstars find their confidence through their style sense. Aeillo also worked with Jay-Z and Beyonce to help them embrace their vacation styles. Now everyone from the establishment families of the fashion industry to Kim Kardashian dresses in 100% Capri linen on vacation.

With stores in some of the most desirable luxury vacation spots around the world from Saint Barthélemy, Mykonos, Saint-Tropez, Ibiza, Miami, Dubai, Qatar, South Africa, Rome, Florence, Portofino, and – of course – Capri, the 100% Capri brand is resonating with its target audience when and where they need it most. These brick-and-mortar stores are intentionally located as Aiello understands that vacationers want to relax in style and comfort at their 5-star resort, dinner, and throughout their vacation. The entire 100% Capri team is passionate about contributing to this experience.

Aiello loves to see customers come into 100% Capri stores wearing other designer brands since this is a symbol that linen is finally getting the attention it deserves. Aiello states, “When I see my client, I see my client with a Rolex watch, Hermes bag, Chanel shoes, and a 100% Capri Shirt.” With an authentic mission, long-term mindset, and an emphasis on quality, 100% Capri is one of the only ‘newer’ brands cracking the establishment chokehold on the industry. 

In fact, due to Aiello’s and the company’s expertise, many designer brands have asked the 100% Capri team to consult on their new linen-based lines or products. As the industry expert in linen, hyper-focused on his niche, Aiello is not worried about the competition. Aiello knows his best strategy is to cultivate meaningful long-term relationships and double down on what he does best – linen. 

Going an inch wide and a mile deep, 100% Capri is resonating with the consumer as a pioneer in fashion sustainability and designer quality linen. With entrepreneurial savvy, quality products, and unparalleled brand positioning, we expect 100% Capri to continue to grow and innovate in the market. To learn more about how 100% Capri aims to educate consumers on linen, climate change, and the health effects of clothing, visit the website and Instagram.