How Coach T and The Flow Agency Are Single Handedly Disrupting The Multi Billion Dollar Short Term Rental Industry

Brand Voice

Taylor Francois Bodine, also known as Coach T, is a multi-disciplined entrepreneur who has been disrupting marketing for over a decade. She joined The Flow Agency during the pandemic to use her strategies to help their clients within the short-term rental market grow. The short-term rental industry saw a rapid increase during the pandemic. People wanted to be safe, but also experience the joys of travel through staycations and vacations. That created a demand. On the other hand, those with multiple properties decided to enter the short-term market game to make use of their properties to generate income.

Many entrepreneurs with short-term rentals were using hosting services like Airbnb and Vrbo to market their properties. However, their heavy fees went largely unchecked, cutting into the host’s profit margin. The biggest reason entrepreneurs needed short-term rental services like Airbnb and Vrbo was that they didn’t have the ability to capture their market. If they individually advertised their listings they risked not being seen. With millions of units, large platforms like Airbnb could more easily market to a global community of people ready to book a property. That came with a big hit to the host bottom line.

Coach T saw this and decided to change it. She began helping short-term rental property owners break away from Airbnb and Vrbo by helping them market directly to their ideal consumer. Through her social media background, she helped them learn how to use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to get directly in front of their customers while cutting out the fees for hosting platforms.

On these platforms, Coach T and the team at The Flow Agency have been able to make 30-second commercials showcasing properties around the world at 0.00 ad spend. Using their cutting-edge marketing techniques through the use of their algorithm disruption model, they can target the ideal client, in the ideal region, who is prepared to pay the average nightly cost of the rental rates set by the host. 

This technique has allowed clients of The Flow Agency to not only keep more profit by cutting out the third party, but also by increasing their nightly rate through demand. This strategy puts the properties in front of a larger audience scope vying for a cancer to rent out rooms at heightened weekly rental rates. Another unforeseen benefit has been that hosts are not confined to  just those searching on rental platforms, they have billions of views from popular social media platforms. This change alone is resulting in triple profit margins for the average hosts.

One of her students, Jodie, met Coach T at the beginning of the pandemic. Coach T showed her how to use the then-popular Clubhouse app to meet industry experts and also speak about her rentals. Jodie took a 5-week class with Coach T where she coached her on networking on social media, positioning her brand, and ultimately leveraging that to increase her profits through her property management business.

At the time, Jodie was managing a number of properties around the United Kingdom. Jodie’s business has grown tremendously since working with Coach T, and she’s now a 3X international bestselling author and internationally renowned in the short-term rental space. Coach T has been helping people just like Jodie find their ideal audience, choose the appropriate social media platform, position and leverage their short term rental businesses. This has allowed her short-term rental clients to see as much as a 48% increase in revenue since working with her and The Flow Agency.

In conclusion, Coach T and The Flow Agency are single-handedly disrupting the multi billion dollar short-term rental industry. By helping short-term rental property owners break away from Airbnb and Vrbo and market directly to their ideal consumers, Coach T has shown that there is a better way to make a profit in the industry. Her marketing techniques have helped her clients increase their revenue and position themselves as the leading expert in their field. With her expertise and cutting-edge techniques, Coach T will undoubtedly continue to help entrepreneurs disrupt the short-term rental industry and achieve their marketing goals. The Flow Agency is in great demand and often boast a 6 month waitlist. However, you can join their online courses. Learn more here.

This article is a paid partnership with Coach T.