How Shaheen Mazloom Helps Businesses Completely Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

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Credit card processing fees can be one of the biggest hidden costs that companies face, taking a sizable cut from sales and making it harder to stay in profit – but one company has managed to completely eliminate these fees for their clients and help them keep more of their money.

Versa Business Systems, based in Maryland, provides loans to businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals, no matter their industry. A team of highly experienced professionals, it offers a sweeping set of services that includes working capital loans, help with cash flow, unsecured business loans, receivables financing, lending for commercial real estate purchases, and more.

But the company’s ability to help businesses no longer have to pay or worry about credit card fees is what’s particularly catching the eyes of their rapidly-expanding client list. Their approach often has savings of 99% with its wavit program.

Increasing Profits For Other Companies

Owner Shaheen Mazloom says Versa Business Systems, launched in 2017, has already helped more than 150,000 clients benefit from no longer paying the fees, including Harrah’s Casino, Aria Casino, Dairy Queen, Wienerschnitzel, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Stars, Arizona Diamondbacks, Oakland Athletics, World Series Of Poker, Farmers Insurance and many more.

“We help small businesses get rid of these fees altogether,” says Mazloom. Versa Business Systems does so by signing companies up for its wavit cash discount program, which costs just $39 a month for unlimited free credit card processing. “Within just a couple transactions, the program membership pays for itself,” Mazloom adds.

One of the biggest challenges that startups, independent companies, family businesses, and others face is the amount of money that they have to hand over to credit card companies. Whenever a customer pays by swiping their card, the likes of Visa and MasterCard automatically take a percentage. The result can make lower-value transactions almost unprofitable, while higher-value sales can send large amounts to the card companies.

“As financial industry professionals, we understand the challenges small businesses and startups face in raising finances, including high credit card fees,” says Mazloom.

The Credit Card Processing Fee Epidemic

The fee problem is only getting worse in North America, as highlighted by a recent class-action lawsuit in Canada against Visa and MasterCard. The litigation and a pending multimillion-dollar settlement aim to resolve claims that the companies impose excessively high transaction fees with little to no way for businesses to escape them. Any retailer or other company that has had to pay the fees since March 23, 2001, might be eligible for a refund and the ability to pass the costs to customers in the future.

“Ending up in a courtroom should always be a last resort no matter the issue, and our wavit system is a simple and affordable way for small businesses to stop handing over their hard-earned profit to credit card companies,” says Mazloom.

Providing A Risk-Free Way To Increase Profits

Companies can sample the wavit program with the ability to switch back to traditional credit card processing if they prefer, with no early termination fees. Flexibility in testing out different solutions is an inevitable part of any small business’ journey, and Mazloom is confident that businesses that want to easily increase their profit margins will stick with Versa’s program once they realize how much of a no-brainer it is.

“Our mission statement is to help businesses maximize growth and increase cash flow by providing a wide range of capital solutions and eliminating their credit card processing fees. And our wavit program meets all of those goals,” says Mazloom.

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