‘Most medical textbooks lack racial and body size diversity, and I am here to change that,’ Dr. Joseph Talbet

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As a one-of-a-kind surgeon with his company “The Illustrated Book of Medicine,” he ensures to fill in a gap in medical knowledge and thus has written 20 books for the same purpose.

No matter how much ever we talk about a few individuals exceeding and pushing boundaries and filling in a gap in their respective industries or finding a solution for problems/issues noticed, the more we feel the need to discuss about them for the world to know their brilliance and how through their genius they have the capability to leave a powerful impact on the mindsets of people all around the world. So many doctors, surgeons and medical professionals have been on a constant rise in doing that in the vast and ever-evolving medical field. They do this by finding the right solutions to the underlying problems in the field and also adding more knowledge to the minds of the general public for them to become more aware of things. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such surgeon is Dr. Joseph Talbet, the one who went on a quest to make people aware of the gap that many medical textbooks have created in all these years.

Talking about the same, he says, “Most medical textbooks lack racial and body size diversity, and I am here to change that.” The New York City, US native has been continuously working toward this goal, which has what propelled him forward to found his company, “The Illustrated Book of Medicine,” as the CEO and also as the lead author of his work. Under the same, he has come up with 20 books with the genuine intent to make people more knowledgeable about topics on medicine and the like so that they do not blindly rely on medical textbooks that have no meaningful matter to add to their minds. After completing 20 massive books, two of which include easy-to-understand books like COVID Takes NYC and Rona the Villain Virus, he is already in the process of coming up with many more books to keep fulfilling his purpose. He did his undergraduate degree from Columbia University and always had a passion for art. He then went ahead to earn two Medical degrees with honors.

In all these years of his career, he noticed how the general public did not have the right medical knowledge, and this gap motivated him to come forward as a visionary and start his company with multiple books that could completely change the mindsets of people for the better. This is how his vision of marrying art and medicine came into being. He says, “Especially during the pandemic, when the world was grappling with what we today know as Covid-19, we saw how people hardly had the right medical knowledge, and this opened my eyes to the dark reality. This ignited the fire within me to do something that could add value to people’s lives, and so since then, I have only been hustling to do my best and fill in the gap of medical knowledge.

Speaking more about his journey, Dr. Joseph Talbet says that he had no resources or support, and financial restraints kept motivating him to earn his degrees and reach where he is today in his career and life. He says after seeing how a lack of medical knowledge led to unfair practices in medicine, which affected minorities, he was sure of introducing The Illustrated Book of Medicine project. Currently, he is also writing Illustrated Book of Medicine series and has highlighted topics like scars, the skeleton, red blood cells, and anatomy, to name a few.

Dr. Joseph Talbet is here to heal and bring more meaning into people’s lives.

This article is a paid partnership with Dr. Joseph Talbet.