Property-CEO: The Key to Unlocking the Power of Property for a Lifetime of Wealth, Fulfillment, and Impact

Brand Voice

The dream of financial freedom and escaping the relentless grind of a 9-5 job resonates with many of us. Property-CEO, co-founded by the passionate trio of Jim Dodd, James Neilson-Watt, and Delsey Daruwalla, strives to transform this dream into reality for everyday people.

The company’s mission is to become the most trusted source of guidance for building a thriving property trading business, empowering clients to savor life, cherish family, and attain wealth.

Jim Dodd’s journey to Property-CEO began in 2017 when he hit rock bottom. Despite his 6-figure income and seemingly stable life, he felt trapped in an endless cycle of work and parenting. Faced with the prospect of waiting another 10-20 years to advance in his career, Jim made a life-changing decision: he resigned and embarked on an adventure in real estate investment. Within his first 3 years, he grew his income from $100,000/year to over $1 million through property flipping.

Realizing that his true passion was helping others escape the rat race and live an inspired life, Jim partnered with James Neilson-Watt & his wife Delsey Daruwalla; friends who already owned a successful consulting business. Together, the trio created Property-CEO, which quickly grew into an industry leading company.

Before joining Jim Dodd, James Neilson-Watt and Delsey Daruwalla began their careers as health professionals. In 2018, they ventured into online education & business development, teaching other healthcare practice owners, worldwide. The success of this venture ignited their curiosity to explore other opportunities, ultimately leading them to partner with Jim and create Property-CEO.

Property-CEO tackles the problem of people waiting decades for capital growth from their rental properties before they can truly enjoy life. By harnessing the power of property flipping to increase income and regain precious time, clients can live inspired lives free from the shackles of a 9-5. This newfound freedom allows them to work for love or pursue other passions without financial constraints.

As visionaries, Property-CEO believes that the property market is approaching the bottom of its cycle. Over the next 1-3 years, they anticipate the best property trading opportunities for clients who are ready to build the income they desire with minimal competition. 

While most people will attempt to time the market, Property-CEO’s clients will be poised to dominate when the market inevitably heats up, as others are still learning the ropes of property flipping and property trading. This innovative approach is dramatically transforming lives.

Before collaborating with Property-CEO, potential clients often make several costly mistakes. These include buying based on emotions rather than data, making fear-based decisions influenced by the news, relying on real estate agents for investment advice, and adopting a DIY mentality leading to burnout. Property-CEO guides clients around these pitfalls, providing the systems, processes, and direction necessary to build a highly leveraged property trading business that operates on autopilot.

Through their unique fusion of real estate expertise, business infrastructure, and online education experience, Property-CEO’s co-founders are revolutionizing the game for those yearning to escape the rat race. By empowering clients to build profitable property businesses through property flipping, they are not only creating thousands of property millionaires but also enabling them to live a life rich with family, experiences, fulfillment, impact, and wealth. As a result, more people can find their purpose and passion, knowing that they are no longer trapped by the limitations of money.