Re-Dox Skin Lab: The Simple Skincare Line Pioneering the Minimalist Approach, for Maximum Results

Brand Voice

Every night for 5 years until 2022, Zena Chami, an Australian mum and full-time professional, engaged in a 5-step skincare routine that included cleanser, toner, face masks, serum, and moisturiser. She spent at least 45 precious minutes every evening on her skin and hundreds of dollars on premium products per month, adding up to several thousand per year.

What started as an attempt to reverse pigmentation after pregnancy became an obsession to find an elusive cure — a mission she found overwhelmingly impossible. 

The idea for an innovative and simple skincare line was born from an eye-opening conversation between Zena and her family, over a cup of coffee. Zena shared details of the elaborate and expensive skincare routine she was following, and her disappointment at not seeing the results she had hoped to see. This sparked an idea in her brother, a scientist, for a simpler and more effective solution to Zena’s problem – a problem that impacts many men and woman alike.

Dr. Belal Chami, a biochemist, medical researcher, and expert in antioxidants in biology, began reviewing the ingredients in Zena’s products and was shocked at the fillers and inactive ingredients the contained. He helped Zena realise she could achieve better skin health with just one or two products – as long as those products contained potent active ingredients.

Belal set himself a personal challenge to create a serum for Zena’s skin concern. After he completed research, development, testing, finally Zena was able to trial  his new, more effective skincare products. Friends and family noticed the dramatic change in her skin. It was hydrated, brightened, and her pigmentation and skin tone had improved. Before they knew it, word spread in their community and people wanted to buy the serum, which led to the pair co-founding Re-Dox Skin Lab.

As a maturing woman, a busy mum, and a career-focused professional, Zena understood the overwhelming task of searching for the most effective, financially-sustainable skincare products that require minimal time to apply. She was also intimately familiar with the challenge of balancing work, family, and personal obligations while maintaining clear, smooth, and hydrated skin.

Zena Chami and her brother not only wanted Re-Dox Skin Lab to offer evidence-based skincare products backed by science to promote healthy skin, but also save time. That’s why they set out to create a simple skincare line where results could be achieved with less time and fewer products. The effective skincare products deliver a new and liberating sense of minimalism, supported by science to really power-up your skincare routine, and provide breakthroughs and newfound confidence, all fuss-free.

The scientific skincare products focus on skin concerns from acne and pigmentation to aging, and dryness, and are boosted with potent active ingredients to maximise results. The company also aspires towards sustainable manufacturing practices as part of their 2023 vision. Additionally, they strive to address the needless use of multiple products that contain more fillers than active ingredients.  

Zena’s personal skincare journey opened a door for a universal solution to a multifaceted problem. The use of multiple products with endless, obscure ingredients is no longer necessary. Re-Dox Skin Lab is time management for your skin – cutting down the time it takes to undertake a quality skincare routine and increasing your control over the effects of time on your skin — and Zena believes a minimalist approach to skin health and skin routines will soon dominate the mindset of skincare users. 

As she personally experienced, finding time for self-care in our modern, fast-paced world has only become more difficult. Re-Dox Skin Lab is swapping the antiquated 5-to-10 product, 45-minute routine, for a high-quality and simple skincare process that takes less than 2 minutes. And they are only just getting started.