Ranked: ‘The world’s 50 Best restaurants’ 2024 extended list

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As an appetiser to the ranking of the 50 Best Restaurants in the world that will be announced in Las Vegas on June 5, the organisers of the prestigious competition have unveiled the venues ranked from 51st to 100th in this year’s extended list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

This ranking of runners-up is the first release by this year’s iteration of the global contest and features establishments in23 destinations across the globe, including 12 new entries from 11 cities stretching from Berlin and Mumbai to Seoul, Sydney, Bogota and beyond.

A dish prepared at restaurant -LeCalandre- Italy.
#51 Restaurant La Calandre, ItalyWORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2020

Topping the new, extended ranking—and despite several of its flagship fine-dining establishments falling down the list—sits Europe with 23 restaurants with two Italian ones at the top: La Calandre in Rubano (No. 51) and the new Atelier Moessmer in Brunico (No. 52).

Five other new European entries join Atelier Moessmer: Coda, No. 62 in Berlin; Bozar, No. 63 in Brussels; Le Doyenné, No. 70 in Saint- Vrain; Restaurant Jan, No. 84 in Munich and Mountain, No. 94 in London.

A dish prepared with pigeon, foie gras, smoked eel at  restaurant Bozar, Brussels
#63, Bozar, Brussels: pigeon, foie gras and smoked eelTHE WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2024

France and the United Kingdom lead the European list with five restaurants each. On top of the new one, France has Flocons de Sel, No. 76 in Megève; La Grenouillère, No. 77 in La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil; Alléno Paris Au Pavillon Ledoyen, No. 79 in Paris and Ceto, No. 85 in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

The U.K. list includes four further ones in London: Brat, No. 65; The Clove Club, No. 80; Lyle’s, No. 87; and Core by Clare Smyth, No. 97.

Germany lobbed four total on to the list, including Ernst, No. 75 in Berlin and Tantris, No. 88 in Munich. Spain follows with three: Enigma, No. 59 in Barcelona, Aponiente, No. 72 in El Puerto de Santa María and Mugaritz, No. 81 in San Sebastián.

Belgium’s Willem Hiele, in Oudenburg returns at No. 83; Denmark has Kadeau, No. 54 in Copenhagen and Turkey has Neolokal, No. 91 in Istanbul.

A dish prepared at restaurant Le Bernardin, New York
#71 Le Bernardin, New YorkLE BERNARDIN – WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2024
The US, The Jurors And The Downgraded

North America has two new entries: Smyth in Chicago at No. 90 and Fauna in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico, at No. 100. There are two more restaurants in Mexico: Guadalajara’s Alcalde at No. 67 and Mexico City’s Sud 777 at No. 82.

In the U.S., Le Bernadin in New York is at No. 71 and Cosme (formerly the top-ranked restaurant in America), also in New York, at No. 99.

Asia has 13 entries and South America five, while the Middle East, Africa and Oceania each have one.

The dinning room at  restaurant Fauna, Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico
#100, Fauna, Valle De Guadalupe, MexicoWORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2024

A number of restaurants have descended in the rankings, including seven that appeared last year among the Top 50: Mugaritz in Spain was No. 31 and is now at No. 81, while Clove Club in London dropped from No. 38 to No. 80 and Le Bernardin in New York from No. 44 to No. 71.

Another surprise is the downgrading of the Italian restaurant Le Calandre, from No. 41 last year to No. 51 now.

Forbes India notes that the French Le Doyenné in Saint-Vrain, an “unassuming restaurant” that appears at No. 70 “ranks higher than the triple-Michelin-starred chef Emmanuel Renaut’s Flocons de Sel No. 76, or chef Alexandre Gauthier’s two-starred Grenouillère at La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil (No. 77), currently closed due to the bad weather that flooded it, and even above Yannick Alléno’s prestigious, triple-Michelin-starred Pavillon Ledoyen in No. 79.”

#79, Alléno Paris Au Pavillon Ledoyen, ParisALLÉNO PARIS AU PAVILLON LEDOYEN, WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2024

A panel of 1,080 independent, gender-balanced experts from the world of gastronomy and ranging from food journalists and globally-renowned chefs to traveling gastronomes decide the rankings based on strict rules that, among others, include having eaten at the establishment during the prior 19 months in order to cast a vote and to abstain if they have economic interest in any of them.

The awards ceremony for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024 will be held in Las Vegas on June 5 and will be livestreamed beginning at 20:25 (Pacific).

The World’s Best Restaurants, Nos. 51 to 100
  • 51. Le Calandre, Rubano
  • 52. Atelier Moessmer, Brunico
  • 53. Leo, Bogotá
  • 54. Kadeau, Copenhagen
  • 55. Mérito, Lima
  • 56. Narisawa, Tokyo
  • 57. Potong, Bangkok
  • 58. Lasai, Rio de Janeiro
  • 59. Enigma, Barcelona
  • 60. Fyn, Cape Town
  • 61. Nuema, Quito
  • 62. Coda, Berlin
  • 63. Bozar, Brussels
  • 64. Orfali Bros Bistro, Dubai
  • 65. Brat, London
  • 66. La Cime, Osaka
  • 67. Alcalde, Guadalajara
  • 68. Burnt Ends, Singapore
  • 69. Fu He Hui, Shanghai
  • 70. Le Doyenné, Saint-Vrain
  • 71. Le Bernardin, New York
  • 72. Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa María
  • 73. Mil, Cusco
  • 74. Nusara, Bangkok
  • 75. Ernst, Berlin
  • 76. Flocons de Sel, Megève
  • 77. La Grenouillère, La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil
  • 78. Masque, Mumbai
  • 79. Alléno Paris Au Pavillon Ledoyen, Paris
  • 80. The Clove Club, London
  • 81. Mugaritz, San Sebastián
  • 82. Sud 777, Mexico City
  • 83. Willem Hiele, Oudenburg
  • 84. Restaurant Jan, Munich
  • 85. Ceto, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin
  • 86. Mosu, Seoul
  • 87. Lyle’s, London
  • 88. Tantris, Munich
  • 89. Indian Accent, New Delhi
  • 90. Smyth, Chicago
  • 91. Neolokal, Istanbul
  • 92. Labyrinth, Singapore
  • 93. Sazenka, Tokyo
  • 94. Mountain, London
  • 95. Meta, Singapore
  • 96. Onjium, Seoul
  • 97. Core by Clare Smyth, London
  • 98. Saint Peter, Sydney
  • 99. Cosme, New York
  • 100. Fauna, Valle De Guadalupe

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