The new electric Porsche Macan has a range of over 500 kilometres


All variants of the upcoming, all-electric Porsche Macan will have a range of over 500 kilometres, the German manufacturer has confirmed.
The new, all-electric Porsche Macan will be available later in 2024 PORSCHE

Porsche announced on 11 January that every version of the Porsche Macan EV will have a WLTP range of more than 500km, which is equal to 310 miles.

The company also said how the electric SUV will have fast charging at up to 270 kW in all markets the car is sold, and that the new Macan has a usable battery capacity of 95 kWh.

The first car to use the new Premium Platform Electric architecture, the second-generation Macan comes a decade after the original mid-size SUV, and will be the second all-electric Porsche, after the Taycan.

With its global reveal just around the corner, Porsche shared some new images of the electric Macan in testing this week.

Although still wearing subtle black camouflage, the car has undergone extensive real-world testing – to the tune of over two million miles, Porsche says – along with the usual wind tunnel and virtual world testing that are now commonplace among carmakers.

Porsche says the new Macan will retain the sort of driving dynamics the brand is known for, while also being an efficient EV.

Porsche says every variant of the electric SUV will have a range of over 310 miles PORSCHE

This is a key point, as while the Taycan arguably offers the best driving dynamics of any mass-produced EV to date, its range falls short of other models, dipping below 200 real-world miles in some cases.

It is crucial that every variant of Macan delivers on Porsche’s promise of 310 miles or more.

To that end, Thomas Wiegand, Porsche’s director of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, said, “The active aerodynamic elements all significantly contribute to range. We have an automatically extending rear spoiler and active cooling flaps on the front air intakes.”

These are joined in the Macan’s aero efforts by a completely flat floor, streamlined wheels, and even what Porsche calls “aerodynamically optimised tire contours.”

The company added, “During normal cruising on a country road, the Macan automatically assumes its ideal streamline. The rear spoiler moves into the eco position, the air flaps close and the chassis level lowers.”

In this position, Porsche says, the new Macan has a drag coefficient of 0.25, whereas the previous model posted a score of 0.35.

The latest images from Porsche show camouflaged cars undergoing global endurance testing PORSCHE

Just like the Taycan, Porsche’s second EV has an 800-volt system architecture. This is double that of most other EVs and enables faster charging in every market destined to receive the Taycan.

When hooked up to a sufficiently powerful DC charger, Porsche says the Macan can fill its battery from 10 to 80 percent in 22 minutes.

Another key stat revealed by Porsche ahead of the Macan’s full reveal is power, which clocks in at over 450 kW (603 horsepower) with the overboots function enabled.

There’s also over 1,000 Nm of torque when Launch Control is used in the flagship of the Macan range (expected to be called the Turbo S).

Lastly, Porsche says its first electric SUV has air suspension with two-valve damper technology and rear axle steering of up to five degrees. As with other cars, this improves maneuverability at low speeds and stability at higher speeds.

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