The Aussie Korean pear juice on its way to tackle America’s hangover

The first container of Bae’s hangover prevention juice is crossing the ocean bound for New York after a $500,000 injection from Honan Capital allowed the start-up to launch its overseas ambitions. Sumin Do took the boyfriend she’d met on Tinder, Tim O’Sullivan, back home to South Korea for the local version of Thanksgiving, Chuseok, in […]

Olaplex scientist’s bid to disrupt billion-dollar hair care industry

Materials scientist and beauty icon, Dr Eric Pressly, was just 30 when he helped to create the world’s most famous hair-bonding product, Olaplex. Now he’s started his own brand, epres Hair Care, and it’s set to disrupt the multi-billion care industry. Hair products were never part of the career plan for materials scientist, Dr Eric […]

Diabetes Usman

How cricket star’s dodgy knee helped inspire a diabetes revolution

When young batsman, Usman Khawaja, came to sports doctoring legend Peter Brukner asking for weight-loss advice, neither man could foresee that it would change the way the doctor viewed health and lead to him forking out millions of his own money to launch a new approach to reversing diabetes. The cricketer had come to the […]

Saint Haven

Inside Australia’s exclusive anti-aging wellness club Saint Haven

Property tycoon Tim Gurner is set to open his first sold-out health and social club, Saint Haven, this week. Forbes Australia was granted an exclusive road test of its signature treatments. Saint Haven founder and property developer Tim Gurner will share his full story live at the Forbes Australia Business Summit. You can secure your […]

Six expert-approved sleep tips to boost your daily productivity

Sleep is essential to our health. A laundry list of chronic and acute conditions and side effects, from type II diabetes to higher risk of car accidents, correlate back to—you guessed it—sleep. It’s hard to understate the importance of getting enough rest. Yet, many people have a hard time with their sleep. Whether it’s waking […]