Inside the 430-foot Superyacht Aeolus


It’s only a concept but, it’s ready for a pioneering owner now, and it might already be in the running for “Superyacht of the Year.”

The 430-Foot-Long Superyacht Aeolus


What does an automotive visionary who was responsible for designing both the Ghost and the Phantom for Rolls-Royce, a diverse and dynamic interior design team that’s known for creating one-of-a-kind spaces in superyachts and land-based architecture, and a shipyard that’s built some of the largest and most recognizable superyachts on the planet have in common?


430-Foot-Long Superyacht Unveiling Creates A Buzz At The Dubai Yacht Show

I think you can probably guess they’ve teamed up to design and build a new superyacht. But as you can see from these early images, this is not just another superyacht concept. In fact, it’s only a concept but, it’s ready for a pioneering owner now, and it might already be in the running for “Superyacht of the Year.” But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?


Aeolus design team at The Dubai Yacht Show

First off, it’s called Aeolus. It’s 430 feet long. It was just unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show. And it’s the culmination of a collaboration between the creative mind of Giles Taylor (of Rolls-Royce and other automotive successes), the Dutch superyacht shipyard Oceanco (that’s built a long list of icon superyachts including Gerry Jones’ 357-foot-long Barvo Eugina and Jeff Bezos’ newly launched 417-foot-long, three-masted superyacht KORU) and the interior designers at Njord by Bergman Design House, who made a huge splash with the Burning Man-inspired interior they designed for Dave Hagewood’s yacht Galaxy.

Other details include an innovative hull shape that features an interesting opening near the bow, three glass-clad decks, and a large private oasis for a courageous owner who’s ready to step up and build something that’s never been done before.


The private master oasis aboard the 430-Foot-Long Superyacht Aeolus


Overall, the interior features well-thought-out multi-use spaces shaped to make Aeolus’s interior feel welcoming and open. According to advance reports, the yacht is designed to be a natural, private, sea-borne sanctuary—rather than a party boat that can accommodate too many people! The private owner’s deck stands out as a secluded world for relaxation, or business is necessary.

The next level down features the master suite with its unobstructed panoramic vistas, not to mention a stunning sunken bath and private seating nook for quiet contemplation. The aft part of the upper deck is given over to a multifunctional space for relaxing, dining with guests or hosting a business function; fully glazed with stunning views, it has a symmetry of layout that reminds one of the great ocean liners from the Golden Age.


The main saloon aboard the 430-Foot-Long Superyacht Aeolus.

The main deck features a stylishly integrated pool and lounging area to the stern, with stairs descending to the beach club. The first entry point on Aeolus is the main deck lounge, with a staircase leading up to an inner atrium, which offers a place to dine, meet day guests and host drinks receptions or business gatherings.

In addition to all that, Aeolus aligns with Oceanco’s NXT initiative to show that sustainability can be beautiful, stylish and practical both in terms of technical capability and materials.


VIP cabin aboard Aoelus.

This means Aeolus’s interior features a wide array of fully sustainable and traceable materials, including biomaterials. Her creators have curated a selection of forward-thinking suppliers to fit out Aeolus in the most sustainable and conscious manner possible. Responsible replacements for exotic hardwoods will be installed for lower-impact flooring, for example. Her interior will feature Desserto, a premium vegan leather alternative that is made from climate-positive cactus plants. Linens onboard will be sourced from Oliveri Homes, which exclusively works with Global Organic Textile Standard cottons and uses non-toxic processes and dyes to create its materials. This collaboration to create dwellings of the future starts with Aeolus but has endless potential both on land and water.


Aeolus is a striking new yacht 417-foot-long design from Giles Taylor, Njord by Bergman Design House and Oceanco.

Together with Aeolus’s technical partners ABB and MTU, Oceanco and Lateral continue to look for ways to help the yacht become more sustainable as new technologies emerge. One way they are trying to make a difference is by developing their Energy Transition Platform (ETP) to ensure multiple technical pathways can be pursued as technologies mature during the energy transition timeline. That means that Aeolus is obviously configured to be state-of-the-art today. But In her final ‘end state’, Aeolus would be configured with a 100% alternative fuel hybrid of fuel cells and internal combustion power generation. Critically, during her lifespan, a pre-strategized and intermediate upgrade can be implemented, dependent upon the advancement and commercial availability of technology.

So, what do you think? Superyacht of the Year? Stay tuned to find out.

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