iOS 17 update: The seven new iPhone features you need to know about


Apple’s iOS 17 update is out today – so beyond the glitz and glamour, what can we expect from the tech giant’s latest software release?

Incoming Calls

The Phone app isn’t just for calls anymore. Apple has introduced Personalised Contact Posters, Express custom images, Memojis, and typography.

But the best feature? If you’ve been inundated with painful spam calls – these are now identified automatically and instantly declined.

Facetime messages

FaceTime now lets you leave video or audio messages. Add some flair to your calls with Reactions. Even third-party apps like Zoom and Webex are in on the fun. For a cinematic touch, shift your FaceTime call to your Apple TV 4K. The Centre Stage ensures you remain in focus, even on the move.


Revamped Messaging

Search, audio transcriptions, and inline replies – Messages is now smarter.

Check In, an upgraded feature built into Messages, lets users notify a family member or friend when they have made it to their destination safely. After a user starts a Check In, their contact will automatically be notified as soon as they arrive. 

StandBy: More than Just a Screen Saver

This one is pretty simple – but a nice touch. StandBy, the iPhone’s new full-screen experience for when it’s charging. From clock styles to Smart Stacks, personalise your StandBy screen and always stay updated.

AirDrop and NameDrop

Remember back in the day when you used to use Infrared to share content from phone to phone? Well it seems we have come full circle, with a nice little facelift. NameDrop lets you swap contact info with a simple gesture, while AirDrop promises continued transfers even if you step out of range.

A Better Typing Experience

Autocorrect and Dictation receive a massive and very necessary upgrade. Whether it’s fixing grammatical errors, word predictions, or enhanced voice recognition, typing has never been so intuitive.

Trust me, this one will save you a world of embarrassment.


Introducing Journal, Apple’s new app to capture and reflect on your life’s moments. With on-device processing and encryption, your memories remain your own.

Additional Features in iOS 17

  • Safari & Browsing: Enhanced privacy and unique browsing profiles for personal and work.
  • Health: Mental health features, mood logs, and handy eye-distance monitoring.
  • Apple Music: SharePlay in-car support, collaborative playlists, and a smoother song transition with Crossfade.
  • AirPlay & Apple TV: Learn user preferences and soon, TV support for those on the move.
  • AirPods: New features like Adaptive Audio and enhanced call controls.
  • Home: More activity history, lock features, and an innovative grid forecast tool.
  • Maps: Offline maps for uninterrupted navigation.
  • AirTag: Share with up to five people and track items efficiently.
  • Reminders: Streamlined grocery lists and personalized groupings.
  • Visual Look Up: Enhanced visuals and subject identification in paused videos.
  • Siri: Issue multiple commands without reactivation.
  • Photos: Recognize your feline and canine buddies like you would human ones.
  • Privacy: Expanded Communication Safety and a Sensitive Content Warning feature.
  • App Store: A more personalised app discovery experience.
  • Accessibility: Customisable interfaces, Live Speech, Personal Voice, and Point and Speak tools.

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