Kate Middleton reveals cancer diagnosis in new video

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Kate Middleton is in the early stages of chemotherapy treatment after a cancer diagnosis, the Princess of Wales confirmed in a new video Friday, the first major update provided on the princess’ health since the palace first announced in January she would undergo a surgery and be out of the public eye for months.
Key Takeaways
  • In a two-minute video posted to Kensington Palace social media pages, Kate confirmed she underwent an abdominal surgery earlier this year and that while the surgery “was successful,” tests afterwards confirmed “cancer had been present.”
  • Kate did not elaborate or explain what type of cancer she has been diagnosed with, but did say she is undergoing “a course of preventive chemotherapy.”
  • Kate said the palace delayed telling the public about her diagnosis so she and William had time to process the news and talk about it with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.
  • She completed the video by asking for “time, space and privacy.”
Crucial Quote

“As I have said to them, I am well and getting stronger everyday by focusing on the things that will help me heal in my mind, body and spirits,” Kate said in the video. “Having William by my side is a great source of reassurance and comfort and reassurance, too.”

Key Background

The royal family in January announced two major pieces of health information regarding senior royals: King Charles would undergo a prostate procedure and Kate Middleton would be admitted to the hospital for a “planned abdominal surgery.”

The palace said she would step back from professional engagements for months while she recovered. One week later, it was announced the king was diagnosed with cancer. Buckingham Palace did not specify what type or stage of cancer the king has. Kate Middleton left the hospital on Jan. 29 and returned home to recover, and more than a month went by without any other updates on her health from official sources. As concern for the princess grew, so did unsubstantiated rumours about her health, personal life and marriage to Prince William, who is expected to take the throne upon the death of his father.

Several news outlets circulated blurry photos of Kate riding in a car driven by her mother on March 4, the first time she had been seen since leaving the hospital. Days later, Kensington Palace released a photo of Kate and her three children to celebrate Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom.


That same day, news agencies retracted the image and accused the palace of having manipulated the image so heavily it should no longer be used by outlets, with the global news director of Agence France-Presse telling the BBC the palace could no longer be considered a “trusted source.” On March 18, tabloids published video footage they claim depicted Kate and William on a trip to the Windsor Farm Shop near their home, though Kensington Palace would not comment on the video and the Washington Post said it could not confirm the date or time it was taken.

Surprising Fact
The Princess Of Wales Delivers Keynote Speech At The Shaping Us National Symposium

Kate Middleton at the Design Museum on Nov. 15, 2023 in London, England.

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One of the more prevalent rumors about Kate Middleton’s whereabouts circulated on a pending divorce between her and Prince William over an affair the prince was baselessly accused of having with Lady Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. The rumors made their way to the “Late Show” earlier this month, where host Stephen Colbert speculated on the rumored affair. Habury’s lawyers then sent notices to the show to deny the claims of an affair, multiple sources reported, and said in a statement to In Touch they were writing “on our client’s behalf to CBS and various other reputable media organizations to confirm that the allegation is false.” Representatives for CBS did not respond to Forbes’ request for comment Friday.


World leaders responded to the princess’ diagnosis Friday afternoon. Rishi Sunak, prime minister of the United Kingdom, on Friday said Kate has “shown tremendous bravery with her statement today. In recent weeks she has been subjected to intense scrutiny and has been unfairly treated by certain sections of the media around the world and on social media… I know I speak for the country in wishing her a full and speedy recovery.” Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the White House wishes her a “full recovery” and said the Biden administration is “incredibly sad to hear the news.”

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