ICON. Amsterdam: Men’s Fashion in Australia with Premium Quality Clothing

At the heart of ICON. Amsterdam is the belief that self-expression is not just a choice but a necessity. The brand believes that clothes are more than just fabric; they are a medium for telling stories, expressing views, and expanding personalities. Their confident consumers easily navigate life’s challenges, which comes strictly thanks to our range […]

Save A Train Digitizes International Rail Travel to Achieve Carbon Zero

Known for its digital B2B rail ticketing, Save A Train, a worldwide rail distributor, has created a cutting-edge platform and API for railway tickets. By enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of train travel, this innovative technology has the potential to make waves in the industry and make substantial contributions to carbon-neutral emissions. Right now, Save […]

Sylvia Zhou’s Localisation Strategy Empowers Australian Suppliers for Resilient Supply Chains

Amidst global uncertainties and supply chain disruptions, Australian companies increasingly use localisation strategies to boost resilience. One prominent example of this is seen in the efforts of Sylvia Zhou, a supply chain expert redefining supplier relationships in Australia. Zhou, who has an extensive background in supply chain management, advocates for strengthening local manufacturing capacities to […]

The Founders Behind Minotaur Trading Systems, Kosta Ouzas and Sebastian Raffaele

In the heart of Byron Bay, Australia, a change in the Finance Industry is taking shape. Minotaur Trading Systems, led by CEO Kosta Ouzas and CTO Sebastian Raffaele, is not just another startup; it’s a manifestation of their unique approach and leadership. Their journey from diverse backgrounds to creating advanced algorithmic trading strategies is a […]

An MBA can be a fast track to career success 

BRANDVOICE A cost-of-living crisis following a long period of stagnant wage growth is prompting some Australians to rethink their career trajectory. An MBA can help you get ahead of the competition in the workforce, but not everyone has time to travel to attend lectures and tutorials. That’s where a digital degree can come into its […]

The future of payments is here 

An explosion in alternative payment methods (APMs) has splintered the ways shoppers pay. Optty helps merchants stay relevant with a single integration for every payment method in the world.  Once upon a time, consumers had to use an antiquated thing called cash to pay for goods and services. Later, they were able to use cards, […]