Louis Vuitton brings immersive SEE LV exhibition to Australia


Louis Vuitton’s SEE LV has hit Aussie shores.
Around Monogram | Image source: Supplied

It’s hard to miss the futuristic, giant blue brick that suddenly appeared in Sydney a few weeks ago. The main reason being that nearly every tourist and Sydneysider who had been enjoying a nice sunny stroll along Circular Quay were now making a beeline towards the pop-up exhibition to see what all the fuss was about.

SEE LV exhibition in First Fleet Park Sydney, Image source: Supplied

Like all true individuals living in the age of social media, the first thing everyone did when they got to the pop-up was to quickly take photos at the entrance. Posing on the blue steps with SEE LV signage plastered behind them, it’s an unspoken rule that when something new and shiny lands in your city you have to take selfies first- Ask questions later.

I couldn’t fault this decision, the building itself was striking, brightening the already colourful First Fleet Park.

The traveling fashion exhibition opened its doors to Sydney on the 4th of November and will reside in First Fleet Park till December 11th. 

Sydney is the exhibition’s fifth stop after its inauguration in Wuhan in 2020. 

The exhibition is sectioned into five universes starting with a digital portrait of the 20-year-old Louis Vuitton titled Finding Louis. It ends with Georges Vuitton’s iconic Monogram, designed as an homage to his father Louis. 

Vuitton in a portrait by Turkish digital artistist Refik Anadol, Image: Supplied

The Monogram allows the viewer to immerse themselves into the Louis Vuitton world, acting as a contributor to the digital universe. 

Walking through the exhibition, the audience is introduced to men’s and women’s fashion looks throughout history. Starting with recent designs  by Virgil Abloh and Nicolas Ghesquière, the viewer is then exposed to the works of Kim Jones and Marc Jacobs, ending with the archival period dress which dates back to 1854. 

In Fashion display. | Image: supplied

The Bags Stories and Evolution Gallery universes depict the deep passion Louis Vuitton had for innovation. 

The fast paced walkthrough can be completed in 15-20 minutes, allowing Sydneysiders and tourists to pause and embed themselves into a beautiful and historical depiction of fashion as they go about their busy day. 

Due to its central location and popularity, it’s suggested that fashion and art lovers visit the exhibition on off-peak timings, to avoid viewing the majority of the pieces through other people’s iPhone camera screens.

As of November 2022, LVMH’s market cap was 351.4 billion euros.

The SEE LV exhibition is open free to the public which comes as a pleasant surprise given the historical exclusive nature of high-end fashion. 

However, other premium fashion houses are now also jumping onto the “instagramable” traveling exhibition bandwagon with Gucci Garden Archetypes also landing in Sydney this week. 

Gucci parent company Kering has a market cap of 69 billion euros. The Garden Archetypes exhibition is also free to view. 

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