Ranked: The 30 most walkable cities in the world, according to a new report


There’s nothing like walking in a city, absorbing the local culture and stumbling upon hidden gems. So what are the most walkable cities in the world? A new report has the answers.
Florence italy best
A view of Florence, Italy, which was named the most walkable city in the world.

Insider Monkey—an investing website—has curated a list of the most walkable cities in 2024, places that are perfect for travelers who believe the best way to experience a destination is by going to locations where every step is an adventure.

To come up with the list, Insider Monkey used data from a number of sources. First, the analysts at Insider Monkey tapped into city walkability scores from sources like Tourlane and WalkScore, then mapped out distances between the top tourist attractions. And because you want to have good air quality when you’re out and about—and to be safe—they analyzed IQAir data and safety indexes from Numbeo, to narrow down the list to 30 cities.

Topping the list is Florence, Italy, a city known for its Renaissance history and timeless architecture. The city’s compact layout means that all major attractions are within a half-mile radius, making it easy for visitors to explore on foot. You can also walk through Central Florence in only two hours. “Florence’s walkability seeps through in its historic center, where narrow lanes lead to landmarks like the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio,” according to the authors of the report.


Europe dominated the list, taking the first five spots: Riga, the capital of Latvia, came in second, followed by Hamburg, Germany; Porto, Portugal; and Madrid, Spain. With 17 cities (including Istanbul, which straddles Asia), Europe also had the most locations of any region. The United States, the United Kingdom and Canada each had three cities on the list. There were two in Australia, one in Asia and one in the Middle East

Here are the top 30 cities where you can enjoy the best walking experiences.

1. Florence, Italy

Florence tops the list as the most walkable city in the world. Known for its Renaissance history and stunning architecture, the city’s major landmarks, such as the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Piazza del Duomo and Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, are all within easy walking distance. Another highlight, according to Insider Monkey: “Florence prioritizes cleanliness, evident in its well-maintained piazzas and the banks of the Arno River.

Florence most walkable city
Strolling through Florence, the most walkable city in the world.
2. Riga, Latvia

This medieval capital city set on the Baltic Sea is a delightful place for pedestrians. Its most popular attractions—the Riga Cathedral, Riga Central Market, the House of Black Heads, Bastejkalna Park and Vērmanes Garden—are all within 1.5 miles of each other. Besides the pedestrian-only Old Town, Insider Monkey recommends checking out the UNESCO-listed neighborhood of Vecrīg, which it describes as “the historical center of Riga.”

Riga Latvia walkable
Strolling through Florence, the most walkable city in the world. Image: Getty
3. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg’s maritime vibes and cultural sites, like the Hamburg Dungeon and Miniatur Wunderland, are within two miles of each other. The city’s efficient public transport and scenic sites contribute to its high walkability.

Hamburg old town Germany
Exploring Speicherstadt, the old part of Hamburg, Germany.GETTY
4. Porto, Portugal

Porto combines narrow cobblestone streets—perfect for exploring—and famous landmarks, such as the Dom Luís I Bridge and Livraria Lello. The city’s clean streets and well-maintained parks enhance its walkability. “Porto’s air quality is influenced by its coastal location,” notes the report.

Porto Portugal
Walking down the stairs with the famous iron bridge in the background in Porto, Portugal.GETTY
5. Madrid, Spain

With major attractions like the Royal Palace and Prado Museum not far from each other, Madrid is easy to explore on foot. “Madrid’s walkability is most evident in central areas like Puerta del Sol and Retiro Park, which are both historic landmarks,” according to the Insider Monkey authors.

Madrid, Spain
A view of Madrid, Spain.GETTY
6. Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

Edinburgh is known for its clean parks and historic landmarks, making it a great destination for walkers. Plus, its top attractions, such as the National Museum of Scotland and Edinburgh Castle, are within close proximity.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Exploring Edinburgh, Scotland.GETTY
7. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn’s compact layout and medieval charm make it an ideal city for walking. The report describes Tallinn as having a “compact layout, which makes walking on foot ideal.” Attractions like Freedom Square and Tallinn Town Hall provide a rich mix of tradition and culture.

Tallinn, Estonia
Exploring the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia.GETTY
8. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm offers some of the world’s best air quality for pedestrians. The city’s top attractions, including the Royal Palace and the Vasa Museum, are within a 2.3-mile radius, making it easy to explore on foot.

Stockholm, Sweden
Colorful houses on Stortorget Square in Stockholm, Sweden.GETTY
9. Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s iconic landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House and Royal Botanic Garden, are an easy stroll from each other. Its clean factor is one of its hallmarks: According to the report, “Sydney has remarkable cleanliness, even on the beaches and public spaces.” It’s all enhanced by an efficient public transport system, in case you feel like getting off your feet.

Sydney Australia
On foot in downtown Sydney, Australia.GETTY
10. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston’s historic charm and well-maintained parks make it a highly walkable city. The top attractions, including the Museum of Fine Arts and Boston Common, are within a 2.9-mile radius. According to the report, “Boston has decent air quality, and a harbor breeze often graces the city.”

Boston walkable city
Walking along a brick sidewalk lined with trees and traditional American row houses in Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts.GETTY
11. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With its beautiful canals and streets lined with historic architecture, Amsterdam is a walker’s paradise. And in case you want to get off your feet, “Amsterdam has a network of bike lanes along with public transit which helps to enhance accessibility,” according to the authors of the Insider Monkey report.

Amsterdam walkable
The buzzing streets of Amsterdam.GETTY
12. Liverpool, England, U.K.

Liverpool—a city that’s known for its musical history—has a compact layout that makes it great for walking. Some of the main attractions not to miss include the Liverpool Museum and Cavern Club.

Liverpool UK
An aerial view of Liverpool.GETTY
13. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux’s architecture and green areas enhance its walkability. Another plus, according to the report: “Bordeaux is known for its cleanliness, with multiple boulevards and green areas.” Don’t miss top attractions like the Place de la Bourse and Jardin Public.

Bordeaux, France
Walking along rue Sainte-Catherine, a shopping street in Bordeaux, France.GETTY
14. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s bicycle-friendly streets and clean public spaces make it highly walkable. Plus, there’s that air and safety: “Copenhagen’s excellent air quality and safety create a pleasant walking experience for pedestrians,” according to the report. Top attractions not to miss include Tivoli Gardens and the Copenhagen Zoo.

Young man with backpack walking in the streets of Copenhagen old town
Tourist walking in the streets of Copenhagen old town.GETTY
15. Istanbul, Turkey

This city straddling Europe and Asia has a rich blend of culture and history that can be experienced on foot. Don’t miss major attractions like the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. “Istanbul’s walkability is characterized by bazaars, narrow alleyways and the Bosphorus waterfront,” write the authors of the report.

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey dressed up for the holidays.GETTY
16. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s vibrant lanes and street art make it a great city for walking. The top attractions, including the Melbourne Museum and Royal Botanic Gardens, are within 3.9 miles. “Melbourne’s commitment to cleanliness shows in its well-tended parks and gardens,” notes the report.

Melbourne at dusk
Melbourne, Australia’s skyline at dusk.GETTY
17. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s picturesque streets and historic architecture are perfect for walking. The top attractions, such as Old Town Square and Charles Bridge, are within 4.1 miles. “Prague’s streets are wide, sidewalks are well-maintained, and turns are tight, making the city ideal for pedestrians,” say the authors of the report.

charles bridge (Karluv most) in Prague at golden hour. Czech Republic
Charles Bridge in Prague in the morning. GETTY
18. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest’s grand boulevards and thermal baths make it a walkable city. Attractions like the Buda Castle and Hungarian Parliament Building are within 4.2 miles. Adding to the appeal: “Budapest has public transport systems like trams and metros in place, which make the commute easier,” according to the report.

Budapest, Hungary
Exploring Budapest, Hungary.GETTY
19. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver’s scenic waterfronts and parks make it a great city for pedestrians. The top attractions, including Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium, are within 4.2 miles of each other. Another bonus, according to the report: “Vancouver has good air quality and safety, making it a promising city in terms of walkability.”

Vancouver City under the mountain
A look into the Vancouver downtown and snow mountain across the strait.GETTY
20. Bristol, England, U.K.

Bristol’s maritime history and rich culture enhance its walkability. Check out the major attractions like the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Museum and the cty’s known for its unique street art, “which further enhances the walking experience,” according to Insider Monkey.

Bristol, UK
The English city of Bristol.GETTY
21. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik’s mural-covered streets and beautiful architecture make it a fabulous walking experience. The report points out that “Reykjavik’s eco-friendly initiatives contribute to its excellent air quality.”

Reykjavik, Iceland
Exploring Reykjavik, Iceland.GETTY
22. Munich, Germany

Munich’s historic buildings and modern amenities make it highly walkable. “Munich’s safety score and well-connected public transport system enhance its walkability,” according to the report.

Munich, Germany
Passes by the triumphal arch in Munich, Germany. GETTY
23. Jersey City, New Jersey

Just across the river from New York City is Jersey City, where the waterfront paths and clean streets make it highly walkable. Plus, “Jersey City has decent air quality and effective safety measures, making it enjoyable for pedestrians,” according to the report.

Jersey City Skyline
A skyline view of Jersey City, New Jersey.GETTY
24. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s hilly streets and historic neighborhoods are great for walking—and “Lisbon’s efficient public transportation system complements its walkable layout,” says the report.

Lisbon, Portugal.
Tourists at Praça do Comércio in Lisbon, Portugal.GETTY
25. New York City

New York City’s bustling streets and diverse neighborhoods make it highly walkable. “New York City’s grid-like structure and vibrant atmosphere contribute to its walkability,” states the report.

New York City
Exploring New York City.GETTY
26. Shanghai, China

Shanghai’s modern skyline and pedestrian-friendly areas make it a great city for walking. The report notes, “Shanghai’s efficient metro system and green spaces enhance its walkability.”

Shanghai, china.
Shanghai, China.GETTY
27. Vienna, Austria

Vienna—which was recently named the best city in the world to live—has historic charms and well-maintained public spaces that enhance its walkability. The report mentions, “Vienna’s clean and safe environment makes it ideal for pedestrians.”

Austria, Vienna
Vienna, Austria.GETTY
28. Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s grid-like structure and excellent air quality make it highly walkable. Another bonus, according to the report: “Toronto’s pedestrian-friendly infrastructure and public transport system enhance its walkability.”

Walking in Toronto. GETTY
29. Montreal, Canada

Montreal’s well-maintained sidewalks, pedestrian-friendly areas and top attractions, including Mount Royal and Old Montreal, make it a great city for walking.

Saint Paul Street in Montreal at night
Saint Paul Street in Montreal at night.  GETTY
30. Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s clean streets and top-quality safety measures make it a very walkable city. “Dubai’s vibrant surroundings and luxury shopping make walking a worthwhile experience,” according to the report.

Strolling through Dubai.GETTY

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