Top 25 companies to work for in Australia: Revealed

Banks, super funds and tech unicorns are among the 25 best places to grow your career, according to LinkedIn’s 8th annual top companies list.
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Fourteen of the top 25 companies are new to LinkedIn’s 2024 list, which shows a growing focus among employers on building long-term success with their employees.

“Whether it’s launching learning initiatives, such as upskilling their staff in artificial intelligence, or flexible work arrangements, companies that are at the forefront in these areas not only attract but also retain workers in our rapidly evolving workplaces,” LinkedIn career expert and senior news editor, Cayla Dengate, says.

“And with the skills needed for a job in Australia set to change by 66% by 2030 due to the impact of technologies like AI, it’s now more critical than ever that companies invest in their people’s growth and enhance their skills.”

Commonwealth Bank, which employs nearly 48,000 peoples, takes the top spot, with NAB and Telstra rounding out the top three. Super funds AustralianSuper and Rest follow.

Commonwealth Bank’s head of talent acquisition, John Hancock, says providing staff with a huge range of benefits so they can do their best work is key.

“A few of our benefits include five days Life Leave, menopausal and menstrual Leave supporting our people to work where they are most comfortable during those moments, up to $1,000 of CBA shares each year, pet leave to take the time to support your furry friends and access to over 500 staff deals on a huge range of products and services,” Hancock says.

Canva, which was last valued at $39 billion, says it has removed degree requirements from its jobs listings, and uses an interviewing approach grounded in transferrable skills to attract workers.

“In order to empower the world to design, we believe in the importance of having a team who represent our users around the world. To do this, we aim to hire the best from a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds across industries,” Canva’s global head of people, Jennie Rogerson, says.

“As someone who has come from hospitality into tech, I have a lot of empathy for how hard the jump can be. My advice would be to focus efforts on the challenges you’d like to help solve, and getting clear on articulating the skills you have and what this means for the resulting impact you can offer.

Top 25 companies to work for in Australia
  1. Commonwealth Bank
  2. NAB
  3. Telstra
  4. AustralianSuper
  5. Rest
  6. Alphabet Inc
  7. Atlassian
  8. Danaher Corporation
  9. Canva
  10. Adobe
  11. ANZ
  12. SAP
  13. McKinsey & Company
  14. Optus
  15. ServiceNow
  16. ResMed
  17. Mastercard
  18. Powerlink Queensland
  19. Amazon
  20. Volvo Group
  21. Team Global Express
  22. Medtronic
  23. EY
  24. Halliburton
  25. Vestas

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