Top 25 jobs on the rise, according to LinkedIn

Skill sets for jobs are predicted to shift 65% by 2030, thanks in large part to the acceleration of AI and automation. Here are the new jobs on the rise for 2024, according to LinkedIn data.
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Cybersecurity analysts, chief people officers and health advisors: these are just three of the top 25 jobs on the rise in 2024, according to LinkedIn data released on Wednesday.

Thanks to a shifting workforce, skill sets for jobs have changed about 25% since 2015 – and are expected to change 65% by 2030. And artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are expected to accelerate that pace of change.

“Jobs are changing on you, even if you’re not changing jobs,” LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky wrote in a blog post in 2023. But the social platform for corporates estimates that 76% of Australian workers are considering changing jobs in 2024, up 15% year-on-year – and it’s unveiled the emerging opportunities in the workforce.

The fastest-growing gig is cybersecurity analyst, with a growth rate of 57%, followed by crime analyst and workplace specialist. Here’s the full list:

The top 25 jobs on the rise in 2024
Job titleDescription of the role
Cybersecurity analystA cybersecurity professional responsible for monitoring and responding to security incidents to safeguard IT infrastructure and data
Crime analystSpecialises in identifying, investigating and preventing financial crimes
Workplace specialistA professional responsible for managing and facilitating various aspects of an office environment and support employees and visitors
Sustainability managerResponsible for developing and implementing strategies to promote environmental and social responsibility within an organisation while ensuring economic viability
AudiologistA healthcare professional who specialises in diagnosing and treating hearing and balance disorders
Buyer’s agentA real estate professional who works on behalf of homebuyers to assist in finding, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of properties
Energy directorOverseeing energy-related strategies, which may include energy procurement, sustainability efforts and investments
Diversity and inclusion specialistResponsible for promoting diversity and inclusion within an organisation by developing and implementing initiatives, policies and training programs aimed at fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace
Clinical care managerA healthcare professional responsible for overseeing and coordinating the medical and patient care services in a clinical setting, ensuring the quality and efficiency of patient care
Growth specialistAn expert in developing and implementing strategies to drive an organisation’s growth and expansion through marketing, sales and business development efforts
Employee relations specialistA professional focused on managing and enhancing relationships between an organisation and its employees, addressing workplace conflicts and ensuring compliance with laws
Partnerships coordinatorResponsible for facilitating collaborations with external partners to achieve mutual goals and objective
Platform engineerA professional who designs, builds and maintains the technical infrastructure and platform on which applications and services run, ensuring scalability, reliability and performance
Integration engineerManages the integration of various software systems and applications within an organisation
Engineering officerA supervisory role responsible for managing and overseeing engineering projects, teams and technical activities within an organisation
Customer success specialistDedicated to ensuring customers achieve value and satisfaction with a product or service
Chief people officerA senior executive responsible for overseeing an organisation’s human resources and talent management strategies
Housing officerResponsible for managing and overseeing housing-related matters, such as social housing allocation, tenancy management and support for residents within a housing authority
Electrical design engineerAn expert who specialises in creating and developing electrical systems, components and circuits for various applications and industries
Data engineerA professional responsible for designing, building and maintaining the data infrastructure and architecture needed to process, store and analyse large volumes of data within an organisation
Corporate communications managerResponsible for developing and executing communication strategies that promote and protect an organisation’s reputation through media relations and internal communications
Chief product officerA high-level executive who leads an organisation’s product development and innovation strategies, overseeing the entire product lifecycle from conception to market delivery
Health advisorA professional aiming to keep people safe at work by developing and enforcing health and safety policies and procedures
Quality advisorA specialist responsible for ensuring that an organisation’s products or services meet established quality standards and compliance requirements
Construction engineerA professional who calculates the costs associated with construction projects including materials, labour and market forces to provide accurate project budget estimates
Source: LinkedIn

Why are so many Aussies on the hunt for new gigs? LinkedIn’s data found that 49% were after higher wages and 33% were after a better work-life balance.

Gen AI skills on the rise

The list follows LinkedIn’s previous report, which found that job postings that reference new AI technologies were climbing rapidly. The share of English-language job postings mentioning GPT or ChatGPT had increased 21x since November 2022, in August 2023. The fastest-growing skills related to AI added to LinkedIn profiles included: question and answering, classification, recommender systems, computer vision and natural language processing.

And companies seeking employees with skills in generative AI were willing to pay big dollars. In fact, Netflix had posted a position with an annual salary of up to US$900,000, and an LA-based data scientist job in the field of advertising ranges between US$390,000 and US$900,000.

In Australia, AI jobs could pay up to $300,000, the CEO and founder of Barb Hyman told LinkedIn, though the exact salary would largely depend on which industry or company the role is in.

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