Jules Robinson’s mission to be a purposeful entrepreneur


Jules Robinson has championed body confidence since appearing on Australian reality TV show, Married at First Sight. Now, she’s turned her passion into business.
Key Takeaways
  • Ex-MAFS star Jules Robinson boasts 750,000 Instagram followers
  • She has leveraged her following to launch a podcast, The Juggling Act, and two businesses, FIGUR and Moira Muse
Jules Robinson is wearing a long, red dress. She is dancing, and has her arms out to the side.
Jules Robinson | Image source: Damian Bennett

With 750,000 Instagram followers alone – mostly women – Jules Robinson is a social media force.

You may recognise her from the 2019 season of Australian reality TV show, Married At First Sight, but Robinson wants to be known for something else entirely: being a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

“I’ve always been very entrepreneurial – even from when I was a kid,” Robinson says. “If I needed something, I would find a way to get it. I’m not afraid of working hard.”

Today, Robinson owns and runs two businesses: shapewear brand FIGUR (55.1k followers) and clothing line Moira Muse (20.4k followers). That’s on top of being a successful content creator in her own right and managing brand collaborations and ambassadorships. It’s any wonder her podcast is called The Juggling Act (add that to the CV).

Robinson, who admits she’s been “everything from a size 8 to a size 18,” began promoting body confidence on her socials shortly after appearing on MAFS – and found her female followers resonated with her content.

“I’m a big believer in fate and destiny and seeking opportunity in circumstances. I found myself organically in this position, where it was very clear to me that women in Australia didn’t feel like they were enough,” she says.

“Shapewear makes me feel amazing. Body confidence is about knowing your body, knowing what you like about it and working that. My purpose has always been making people feel good – and now I’ve just found myself doing it on a big scale.”

That wasn’t always the plan, though. Robinson, who was already successful in the hair and beauty space, had two investors waiting for her in London to help her launch her own blow-dry bar if things didn’t go to plan on MAFS. MAFS took her journey on a different course.

After FIGUR, Robinson launched Moira Muse – a clothing line Robinson says is for women of all shapes and sizes, and one she hopes encourages them to be their own muse.

While she is trying to distance herself from it, Robinson admits MAFS gave her a leg-up in some respects.

“I was always very aware that having that platform helped my business, but of course I had to make a great product to keep that business growing.

“I didn’t buy a house first. I put all my life savings into – every cent I had – into FIGUR. But I believed I was going to make something good. I did polls, surveys on Instagram, and really listened to my audience to make sure I gave women what they wanted.”