3.5-day workweek? JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon predicts AI could make it happen


Jamie Dimon, CEO and chair at JPMorgan Chase, predicted that artificial intelligence will allow the next generation of workers to only work three and a half days a week in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Monday—marking the latest of corporate America’s lofty expectations for AI.
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Jamie Dimon, CEO at JPMorgan Chase, is pitcured on April 10, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

Key Takeaways
  • Dimon explained that AI is already being used by thousands of employees at JPMorgan Chase, explaining that it adds “huge value for the company.”
  • He said AI is “of course” going to kill some jobs, but explained “technology has always replaced jobs.”
  • He said JPMorgan Chase hopes to “redeploy” people who lose jobs to AI.
  • In his April shareholder letter, Dimon called AI “critical to our company’s future success” and devoted an entire section of the letter to the new technology.
  • He wrote in the letter that the company has found more than 300 use cases for AI.

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