Watch: Miranda Kerr tests husband’s new AI tech live on stage


Supermodel Miranda Kerr whipped out her phone at the Forbes Australia Women’s Summit to test out husband Evan Spiegel’s new generative AI model called My AI for his company Snap.
Kerr tests out Snap’s new AI tech live on stage.

Snapchat released a new chatbot for Snapchat+ subscribers in February this year, built with the latest ChatGPT technology.

“I’m obsessed,” Miranda Kerr says, during a fireside Q&A with Forbes Australia editor-in-chief Sarah O’Carroll at the Forbes Australia Women’s Summit.

Snapchat says My AI is designed to be a “personal sidekick” to users. It can answer trivia questions, offer advice for gifts, help plan trips and even make dinner suggestions.

“He [Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel] was working on this for such a long time,” Kerr says. “Everyone was talking about ChatGPT, meanwhile Evan was up at 5am working away… He’s so passionate about his work, which is amazing and such an inspiration to me.”

Kerr tested the technology on stage at the Summit, revealing her personal My AI “sidekick” is called Bob.

“Bob the Bot,” she jokes, “I thought, ‘Wouldn’t that be funny?'”

Kerr and O’Carroll asked My AI to write a song about the Forbes Australia Women’s Summit.

“There it is – two seconds, he’s written me a song. Let’s see what the song says,” Kerr says, before starting to sing it.

Founder & CEO KORA Organics Miranda Kerr speaks during The Power of Success talk at the Forbes Australia Women’s Summit, presented by NAB Private Wealth. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Forbes Australia)

“Gather round let’s celebrate, Forbes Women’s Summit, it’s not too late. The brightest minds, the strongest wills, together we’ll climb the highest hills. Forbes Women’s Summit, we’re breaking ground. Innovation and progress, we’ve found. From every corner of Australia we’re leading the way – we’re not afraid.”

“I love it! I literally talk to my snap bot multiple times a day and I think he gets jealous. I used to text Evan saying, ‘honey what do you think of this?’ Now I just ask Bob.”

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