I drove from Melbourne to Adelaide in a Tesla – here’s what happened

What a Tesla road trip taught the CEO of Australia’s largest network of EV charging stations. In March, I took the plunge and drove from my home in Melbourne to Adelaide and back again in an Electric Vehicle – a Tesla – for a journey of over 1500 kilometres (you can read my detailed blog […]

Ultra-rare 2014 McLaren P1 goes to auction today at Sotheby’s Motorsport

Barry Skolnick’s The Ikonick Collection is one of the most renowned car collections in the world, in case you didn’t know. With more than 125 supercars, hypercars and classic-grade vehicles, an Ikonick offering is bound to be something special. For the first time, two vehicles from the collection will be available to the public for […]

Tested: 2023 Aston-Martin Vantage F1

The Aston-Martin Vantage has one of those perfect, chiseled visages evoking some of the perfect humans scattered about Hollywood and its suburbs where the supercar’s weeklong test took place. What I especially loved – what I’ve loved about all Aston-Martins I’ve tested since I started driving them in 2004 – is how unlike everything else […]

Test-driving the 2023 Rolls-Royce Ghost

Having a 2023 Rolls-Royce Ghost in the driveway is like adding an addition to your house. You’ll lounge in the Ghost’s heavenly back seat on breezy summer nights, shoes off, feet coddled on the plush rug, perhaps enjoying a meal (carefully), watching the world go by, perhaps holding hands with a loved one. You might […]

Two of Australia’s largest luxury yacht companies are merging

Superyacht giant Ahoy Club has taken a significant stake in luxury yacht specialist Ray White Marine. The merger was overseen by luxury yacht company Ahoy Club’s CEO, Ellie Malouf, and their managing director, waste management tycoon Ian Malouf. “Combining the strengths of both companies opens new opportunities for collaboration and innovation in this space. We’ve […]