It works for scooters: Can battery swapping work for electric cars?

It could be the ultimate cure for ‘range anxiety’. Will the world of electric cars give battery swapping a chance? A decade ago, just as the Tesla Model S was beginning to upend the automotive world and before Elon Musk was richer than Midas and still looking for ways to keep the nascent company afloat, […]

Michael Jordan’s 1991 BMW 850i is up for auction

One of the most iconic BMWs of the 1990s, formerly owned and driven by basketball superstar Michael Jordan, has popped up on the auction site Bring A Trailer.  Even better, Michael Jordan’s sleek and spotless beemer, also known as an “E31,” only shows a tick over 30,000 miles on the clock after 33 years. Following the […]

Test-driving the 2024 Aston-Martin DBX 707

The DBX is the “best” supercar SUV I’ve navigated thus far, due to its looks and its savage burble and crackle as you accelerate and decelerate. There is no note like an AM note. If James Bond married and had a family, this is the Aston-Martin he’d buy. I was delivered my DBX in Hollywood, […]

Billionaire superyacht showdown: Who’s who in St. Barths for New Year 2024

The port of Gustavia in St. Barths is getting crowded this holiday season as the legendary superyacht showdown begins.  The billionaire superyacht season started early, with the richest men in the world and their celebrity friends anchored outside of Gustavia and neighboring St. Maarten and Antigua. Many will stay throughout Christmas, taking glamorous day trips […]

Audi delivers 123,000 EVs in 9 months – Here’s what it’s like to drive one

Audi Group’s electric vehicle deliveries increased 60% year-on-year – and if you want to know what driving one of the luxury carmaker’s fully-electric feels like, Forbes Australia can tell you. In the company’s most recent earnings report, Audi Group revealed its revenue rose to 50.4 billion euro (AU$83 billion), with operating profits at 4.6 billion […]