Let the data do the talking: JBWere CIO Sally Auld

Pressure amidst uncertainty makes most people panic. That’s where JBWere CIO Sally Auld says she thrives. Her strategy? Do the background work and get “your fingers dirty in the data”. From the medieval halls of Oxford University to the high-rise offices of JBWere, there’s a recurring theme in Sally Auld’s career. “No matter what the […]

‘Felt like running a marathon’: Four entrepreneurs share their founder journey

Four members of the Queensland chapter of the global non-profit Entrepreneur’s Organization community share insights on their founder journey, what motivates them and what they’re looking forward to most in 2024. During the pandemic, Suman Dua started a company called Nationwide Migration and Education with a lofty goal: to help people from all over the […]

Macro Factors: What’s on CMC Markets’ radar for 2024

Against a backdrop of wars, recession and elections, 2024 is still, remarkably, poised to be a good year for global markets. CMC markets’ Michael Bogoevski shares what’s on his radar for 2024. A month into 2024 and the world is staring down the barrel of two wars, possible recessions, and political elections around the globe, […]

Empowering Decision Making: The Transformative Power of Event Technology

In the heart of our technology-driven era, one might imagine the Australian event industry to be sailing smoothly on a sea of seamless digital coordination. Yet, a stark reality looms: the industry is grappling with disintegrated technology, where data fragmentation reigns supreme, creating a maze of confusion and inefficiencies. The disparate technologies thrown together, resulting […]

Why women are taking the trading and investment reins

Investing and financial markets have historically been a male-dominated industry that women have found difficult to access. However, the multi-billion dollar trading and investment market is experiencing an increase in the number of young, highly motivated female investors. A generational shift, greater financial literacy, technology changes, access to content and improved education have contributed to the change. The […]