$100 billion Tesla of the sky?

Meet Matt Pearson, a man who has a dream to make flying cars a reality for all of us – but what better place to trial the concept than a racetrack in the sky. His theory: competition drives progress.

Helping small businesses take positive climate actions

Together, we can make a louder noise and bring more people on the journey. The ecosystem we have created is open and easy. A small business can see what is relevant to them for their industry and size to help run the business so it looks after itself from an operational perspective and they can focus on the customer.

Two men watch a demonstration by another man holding a laptop computer.

Scarce tech talent vital to innovation and growth

If software and applications are the currency of the new economy, development teams are the market makers. Developers have gone from being a curiosity when I began my career to becoming a boardroom priority, especially as the pandemic and rapid digitisation that accompanied it has ratcheted up the urgency for business leaders.